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Vitamins and Minerals - Food sources

Hi folks, No advice here, just links for more information should anyone be interested.

This link gives a list of foods with magnesium, potassium and calcium. Good combinations for us! Again this is all personal and one should investigate further to obtain proper levels and combinations.


This link is regarding foods containing high amounts of Vitamin K. I am not on Warfarin (Xarelto) but I've seen numerous questions. My understanding is one doesn't have to totally change their diet, but to remain consistent so the doses of Warfarin stay consistent. I KNOW nothing more than that having no experience. Only providing a link for foods for those who are curious.


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Thanks for those, Iris. I've bookmarked the second one as it looks really useful. I note that a cup of broccoli (not a measure that is wonderfully useful for it) has less than a quarter of the vitamin K of a cup of spinach. Interesting comparisons throughout.


Thank you very much. I was going to see how I could increase my magnesium intake. Now I know why brown rice is so often recommended ( it 's not nice! )


Thanks for that link, looks like its back to the almond milk on my porridge, also the herbs seem to be packed with potassium and magnesium. Have just made some sage and onion stuffing with sage from the garden! Best wishes kath


The USDA database has every nutrient tabulated for over 8000 different foodstuffs:


Search by nutrient or foodstuff.


Full of useful information! Bookmarked.


Great, glad it was helpful! and thank you Ectopic - great site - even the possibility to create combinations!


Thanks Iris for researching this info for us.


Team effort!


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