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Bottled water deficient in magnesium?

There is an article in today's Mail online describing some effects of drinking bottled water in the UK:

Has anyone any thoughts on this - are all bottled waters the same? Our water comes from a borehole and is very alkaline so I thought I was helping my AF by drinking litres of the bottled stuff each day :(

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Hi Finvola, I cannot read the whole article as the Internet keeps going down. You ask if all bottled waters are the same. No, they can vary tremendously both chemically and bacteriologically. They could be bottled tap water or from sources as variable as springs or boreholes. There is always the risk of bacterial contamination which is why our tap water is chlorinated. Bacteria can be present at source or can gain entry during the bottling process. There is always the risk of contamination from the plastic in some plastic bottles.

I never buy bottled water but we are lucky here in North Wales as we have excellent tap water so filling my own bottles is easy.


Thank you I will look into the magnesium issue. When I have an AF episode the hospital note low potassium and magnesium but don't do anything about it saying they dip when in AF.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if research into AF showed something straightforward to get rid of AF such as a chemical imbalance or something else quite simply sorted.

We can but live in hope.



I'm not sure where you are and if you are in a soft or hard water area, but If you are in a hard water area the water is better for heart health with all it's minerals but not so good for your kitchen appliances!

Soft water areas have more heart disease.

Apparently the majority of people are magnesium deficient anyway, regardless of where they live.

A symptom of magnesium deficiency is constipation and I can remember once mentioning to my EP that when I had significant runs of rhythm activity I thought it also made me constipated. That was before I knew about the magnesium connection.

I now take a high dose of magnesium and have done for over 2 years now. I think it's worth taking supplements.



Hi Finvola, I agree with Fallingtopieces certain supplements may be part of the solution. I take a high dose of Magnesium with other stuff included. My Naturopath tested my blood which was at the bottom of the normal range for Mg and recommended a brand, which helped sleep straightaway and no doubt indirectly my AF.

Another supplement I take is Krill oil.


Forgot to mention, I now only buy bottled water in glass bottles - the cheaper thin plastic bottles leak chemicals/estrogen??

If you want a good laugh google 'Peartree Well' Sussex Mineral water and read how it was discovered.


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