hyponatremia on tambocor

According to Wikipedia, Hypotnatremia is essentially dehydration caused by drinking too much water - which causes your sodium levels to drop too low.

I am travelling for work at the moment. I spent last Saturday (9 days ago) walking around Dubai and drinking bottled water to combat the thirst. I think it was ozonoted water, so it is stripped of all the trace elements your body needs from water. In the first few days of this week I continued to drink similar types of bottled water (not mineral water) and went into a state of fever that I thought was malaria. The more water i drank the worse I felt. The moment I switched to mineral water I started to feel better.

I thought I turned the corner yesterday but am feeling a little rotten today again. I have been served water a few times in meetings today and I am not sure if that was bottled or mineral.

Is it possible that the CR200mg Tambocor has lowered my threshold/resistance against this 'dehydration'.

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  • Interesting theory, if unpleasant for you Jonathan.

    My tuppence-worth may be totally off the point but when I was young, fit and had no AF I lived in the Middle East and had awful symptoms of lethargy and weakness. Salt depletion was diagnosed and I was prescribed sodium tablets which did the trick. Could you be washing trace elements out with the water and Flecainide is innocent?

    Hope you get it solved.

  • Hi Jonathan_C

    Early in my Afib journey (20 years ago) when the doctors where not sure how to treat me I was medicated heavily and lost much salt (sodium) with "water pills".

    I mountain bike and was warned by the doctor not to drink water only, but some kind of sodium and mineral replacement drink like energade, powerade or even rehidrat sport. Even more so in the summer here in Bloemfontein.

    Maybe I did not answer your question, but I just wanted to say hi to a fellow South African and congenital heart defect (CHD) survivor.


  • Sterkte boet

  • Dankie, van die Vrystaat af!

  • When I was in Singapore in the 60's (in the Army) the local "Colonial types" put half a teaspoonful of salt in their coffee or tea to combat salt loss, the Army issued salt tablets.

  • You are right,That was common practice then. I have often wondered do they still follow that practice now in the forces?

  • I do not think so.

  • Very interesting!

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