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Ice Bucket Challenge

Hi, those of you who follow social media may have heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge. For those who haven't, basically people are having buckets of ice cold water poured over them to raise awareness of ALS and raise money, they are videoed doing it and them they nominate more people to do it. Does anyone know if there is any risk to to an AFib sufferer? Yes I've been nominated.....I'm not trying to avoid doing it but I obviously don't want to take any risks

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Hi Beanz1970,

There has already been (no pun intended!) a thread on this subject. Click on this link



Hi Cyril

Thanks, I looked back a few messages and couldn't see anything, didn't look far enough back obviously! :D



Anyone with any sort of heart issue would, in my non-medical opinion, be either off their rocker or a politician (same thing) to have ice cold water poured over them.


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Could do many politicians a world of good. May bring them to their senses!



Hi Beanz, as Cyril says I can think of many politicians who I would nominate only if the bucket was dropped on their head afterwards, but don't take the risk. It's not worth it who knows what your heart might do?

Pay the small contribution instead

Be well



I fully support previous comments (especially those referring to politicians!) and add that an ice lolly was once cold enough to put me into AF.


I would certainly not recommend it - see this story in The Times:


"Research by Professor Michael Tipton and his team from the Extreme Environments Laboratory at the University of Portsmouth has shown that as many 80 per cent of people develop electrical abnormalities in their ECG patterns when immersed in cold water"


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