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Sodium deficiency

I had an appointment with my GP yesterday to hear the results of my blood tests. He said that they showed a sodium deficiency and prescribed sodium tablets. I already take dioralyte each day but was pleased that he found this as I'd been feeling very fatigued all week and had just put it down to a trip to London and no real rest over the weekend . Hopefully I'll be full of beans soon. Already feel better than I did yesterday.

Makes one wonder about all the publicity about cutting down on salt, the electrolytes are very finely balanced in our bodies and it just shows how we need them all.

I looked up about sodium deficiency and saw how bad it can get, so pleased that I already had an appointment booked. Just something else to check when feeling tired out ! Keep well Terjo

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Very interesting,Terjo, as yesterday morning I felt very weak so I thought of taking my bp and found it was much lower than usual. I know my meds lower my bp so no surprise but maybe I could have a lower dose (I hope). However the cure I discovered was more salt and water, the opposite of what I was told for my swollen ankles, lol.

Anyway I guess your post does help to explain why IBS and AF are so friendly!


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