Best blood pressure reducing diets?

I’ve found details on DASH.

Can’t find specifics on the CHIP diet. Found this ..but no specifics on the diet. Just a video that promises to explain, but doesn’t.

There was one person on here, that I remember reading, who was singing the praises of one particular diet, how his/her cholesterol levels had lowered considerably, and they could ‘feel their veins being flushed of cholesterol’ …was what they said. Who was that and what diet? I remember them saying it was zero sugar intake (except fresh fruit, I presume), zero fat intake (I presume saturated/trans), and encouraged to eat fresh fruit/vegetables. I’ve tried searching the archive here, but can’t find it.

Mine is currently 143/77. So DIA is okay, but SYS needs to come down to below 120, apparently. I'm already on low sodium/salt, and I'm aiming to get my bodyfat percentage down to under 14%.

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  • My cholesterol was deemed to be higher than desirable at 6 so it was suggested that I alter my diet. I decided that given my scientific training I should be able to reduce it. I bought expensive drinks, margarines and anything else claimed to aid cholesterol-lowering. For 6 months I was extremely careful with what I ate. Then I was retested and the result was - EXACTLY THE SAME. I was both gutted and confused. Simvastatin has since reduced it with no problems.

  • I got my cholesterol right down by almost not eating cream, butter, cheese, pastry, mayonnaise, full fat yoghurt, anything fatty in fact and by adding half a teaspoon of cinnamon to my porridge.

    It is claimed that 7fluid oz of beetroot juice a day will help lower blood pressure.

  • My brother-in-law had exactly the same scenario, he's now on statins too. The diets don't work for everyone.

  • The DASH diet is well known for reducing blood pressure. Also, the CHIP diet, which is basically vegan, which I am on, has long term data with great blood pressure and cholesterol reduction. In the first 6 weeks my cholesterol came down a whopping 40 points and I am anxious to see how it continues to progress over time .

  • I think the CHIP diet is more popular in USA than here.


  • Truly, I think it is barely known in the US. Don't think it has been around too long here, mostly in Australia but now that health care professionals are starting to finally talk about healing with food classes do seem to be opening up in many cities. I mean it only makes sense....eating the wrong types or quantities of foods can cause disease....especially diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It stands to reason that eating the right foods can prevent or reverse these things. No wonder it is catching on!

  • The site's a bit frustrating - I can see they model it as a programme rather than a diet, but that means those of us who are way out in the sticks lose the benefit of the diet, which by itself might do some good... I don't live close enough to anywhere to go and do the full thing :(

  • Oh yes, the diet alone would be hugely helpful, though listening to the lectures give absolute motivation for sticking to the diet! The CHIP cookbook is available on Amazon! I agree the site is frustrating.

  • So sorry, Onezone, but I think I missed part of your question when I first read it. I am the person learning the CHIP lifestyle. It is no added sugars, no white flour, no caffeine or alcohol. I did go a bit off road with the plan the other day on our anniversary where I had about 3 bites of a raspberry cake, and a few glasses of champagne :-) but generally I try to stick to the guidelines and the payoff in just 3 months time has been immense. I still have white coat hypertension but my BP at home is terrific. Yesterday 120/76. Never in a million years did I think my diet needed this big of an upgrade, nor did I think I could do it, but now it is what tastes best to me. If you look for books by Dr. Hans Diehl it explains the lifestyle. I hope this answer is more helpful.

  • Sorry grandma didn't see this, just looking on Amazon at one of his books :)

  • Hi onezone, I liked what I was reading about CHIP but couldn't find any local courses. When SRMGrandma mentioned Hans Diehl I found his booked entitled "The Optimal Diet The Official CHIP Cook Book" and I'm waiting for it to be delivered. It was available from several sources including Amazon but the cheapest was from Wordery at £12.61 with free p and p. Hope this helps, Liz

  • Take a look at this site for a study done in the UK.

    Objective; To model the effect on UK vascular mortality of all adults over 50 years old being prescribed either a statin or an apple a day.

    The apple is just as good as a statin so I guess we should follow the old saying: "An apple a day will keep the doctor away" just in case it works or helps a bit.

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