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Magnesium deficiency

Hi, my first post on here so I'll start with an introduction:

I'm a 40 year old male and I've suffered from PAF for 7 years. Sometimes I can go for months without it happening then I get several episodes a week for a month or so before it disappears again. They are usually related to strenuous exercise (usually cycling). The 24hr monitors never caught it but after several bad episodes had a ICM fitted last autumn (1 year after being referred!) which finally caught something and AF was confirmed.

As my BP is marginally high I've been but on a ACE inhibitor as the first course of action. 

I read that magnesium deficiency can be a factor in AF, as it can for high BP, acid reflux, and insomnia - all things I suffer from. I'd therefore be interested to know other other AF suffers have taken magnesium supplements and whether they helped?


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I use Magnesium spray after a shower and Epson salt if taking a bath. It works for me but we are all different.


Hi Flatlander - Magnesium has been discussed on the forum many times. If you put magnesium in the search area, top right of this page you will find all the posts. It appears to help a lot of people.

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Will do, thanks


I take magnesium daily by way of Floridiz I get it at Holland and Barrett it's a liquid. Good luck 


Dr Gupta (see his web site) recommends magnesium glycinate. I have had AF since at least 2008 and bypass +aortic valve replacement. I think this has helped me a lot. I am 77 and was a long distance cyclist. Good luck!


I cannot find his website.


YouTube is what I was watching. You will have to weed his site to find it!


I spent last night looking a Dr Gupta's videos,  magnesium is mentioned in many of them and he confirms some of my thoughts about subjects like magnesium, exercise, or PPIs.


Hi, my then cardiologist said to try magnesium and fish oil after sotolal was intolerable.

I took good quality high dose of both but continued to have a 7-8 hr af Ep every two weeks.

Worth a shot but ineffective for me.

Am now on flecanaide and diltiazem and with an EP


I started it around a month ago after someone here recommended reading the book by Dr Caroline Dean. After doing some research Magnesium Taurate is the version best suited to cardiac health and I have found out today that I have gone from Atrial Fibrillation to Flutter so something is working....


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