Nosh and Natter Saturday 11th April from 1pm

Thanks everyone for your replies to my previous post, nearly everyone can make this date (Sorry Kay and Rosemary next time please, miss you already)

So the venue is EV Cafe Isabella Street Waterloo directions are here

It's right behind Southwark station, and from that station it's the LAST Cafe on the right (From Waterloo the first). Come out of Southwark station go left or right and go behind the station and you will see Isabella Street. (Left avoids the big squat)

Time from 1pm, until the last person leaves to be honest, I will be there with a table garlanded with the Green AFA Mini Flags (Bunting)

Come along, dress code optional, ( that's not optional to be dressed, unless you really are an exhibitionist) , but wear anything you please; conversation is not optional and will be encouraged and cajoled.

You can eat or not eat, but you'll change your mind when you see the salads, you can drink the fantastic coffee, fresh mint tea or fresh fruit juices or not, entirely your choice, and we often graze our way through the afternoon.

It's very informal, no speeches, lectures or even presentations, just a group of AF sufferers having a common starting point to enjoy each other's company.

Please leave a note to say "Yep just me or there will be two of us or even Nope wouldn't be seen dead with you, whatever you please.

If you want my mobile number if you are worried about getting lost send me a private message and I will give it to you.

Look forward to seeing some old friends, and meeting some new ones


Oh and more men please, John and I are usually very outnumbered :)

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  • I wish I could be there, but it is a long way from Canberra, Australia. I'll be there in spirit though. Have a great day friends.

  • Aw sod - wish I lived in the south east of England!

    Have a great day and stop bragging about being surrounded by women. :)

  • Hi finvola, are you on apixaban. You said you live in the east of England, so do I, nr norwich, so if there is anyone on apixaban who would like to meet up for a natter, let me know.

  • Sorry waterlady, I live way up north in Northern Ireland but wish I could meet up with members for nattering too.

  • Dear Ian, will just be me. Really looking forward to meeting everyone.

  • Hi Ian,

    I will be there, unfortunately I will not be bringing any extra men with me. Strangely, the thought of spending an afternoon with a group of strangers with funny names who want to talk about their medical problems and medication is not that attractive.

    I, on the other hand, am looking forward to meeting many new people as well as catching up with old ones.

    Thank you for organising this. See you there.

  • Hi Ian

    If you are not meeting until 1pm I'll come late as will finish teaching by 12. I think that must have been what I did last time!! Memory loss here!!

  • That's great news Rosemary. See you there.

  • Hello Ian, hopefully it'll be me and my wife. Don't think the kids would be interested!

    Looking forward to it.


  • Hi Ian

    Just me -looking forward to meeting everyone


  • I'm hoping to come Ian. That's Just me.


  • I will be there. Thanks for organising.

  • I think that my attendance is in doubt now as I am now having my catheter ablation on Mon 30 Mar and I wouldn't think that I would be up to travelling by public transport and walking at that point. If others who have had a CA have other thoughts they will be welcome.

  • I will be there, and looking forward to meeting you :)

  • Hi Ian, Carole and I will be there. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Best wishes, John

  • Hi Ian,

    Unfortunately I can't make it - domestic requirements, I hope it goes well!



  • We should be there Bob, in Portugal at the moment, but will be back in time for this

  • Bob?

    Nah he's the younger good looking one :)


  • Sorry Ian this was meant for Bob and the West Country cell !!!!!

  • Yes just me, another male to even the sides up a bit!

  • Would love to be there, but unfortunately I am not in England at the moment. Hopefully you will also have one later in the year.

  • Are there any of these get togethers take place up in the north west england?

  • Well I was thinking the same, ruskin, although I may get to Ian's on the 11th. I have good rail links to Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington (Bank Quay), Crewe and Leeds and would be pleased to meet up at any of those places. Preston, Edinburgh and Glasgow are also within reach.

  • I suggest a "meat and Tata cake meet mithering forbidden" meeting needs to be arranged

    Seriously it's not difficult to organise one if you wish, simply choose a nice location where it's easy to get to preferably by public transport and car, choose a date and a time and publish it.

    It you ring the AFA I am sure they will send some stuff to help.

    Be well


    Oh and come up with a good name I nicked mine from Bob D and won't give it back :)

  • Well I am still looking at trains to Euston. We really need 3 months notice for the £9 tickets! I did have to pay a bit more than that to get home again last time, but it was great to meet everyone and well worth the trip - wonderful food.

  • Hi Ian I will do my utmost to come would be good to listen and learn



  • The info immediately below is about some work on AF that is being run by the Cardiac Research Unit at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Central London - you do not need to be a patient at St Bartholomew’s. I found out about it when I recently went to see my consultant and one of the researchers talked with me beforehand (I have "signed up"). I was told it was going to be on AFA website and I wanted to share the link since many of you might not see it on the news banner on the AFA front page. The information from Bart’s is:

    -Do you have Atrial Fibrillation (AF)? Or do you care for someone with AF? Or are you a Health Professional caring for patients with AF?

    -We are looking for individuals to take part in one Focus Group at St. Bartholomew's Hospital Site later this year.

    -Link to Webpage and flier (poster)

    Beancounter - apologies for clogging up your page but I thought many from London and South East would see it here and might volunteer. Let me know if you are unhappy and want it deleted and I will do so.

  • Hi Ian,

    I would like to take you up on your request for more male afibbers to attend the lunch. Do I need to book in advance or do I just turn up?


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