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Nosh and Natter Reminder Thursday 27th February 2pm Central London

Just a reminder that we are meeting up for another informal "Nosh and Natter"

Directions in the URL above, I shall be there from 2pm and I will have the Green AFA mini flags draped over my table so you know who I am, I shall be there until at least 5pm, but later if anyone would like to stay on.

Bring yourself, your conversation, and enough money for a coffee (and I'll even buy you one if you wish) the rest is up to you if you want to eat or just have a pastry.

Do leave a message if you can make it, and if you need my mobile send me a private message, for obvious reasons not posting it here.

Good company, good location, good coffee, and good pastries, is there ANY excuse not to come?

And if the weather is anything like today (Friday) then it will be delightful place to be.


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Too far but have a good day all ❇


Dear Beancounter will try and come along on the 27th. Have hospital appt at midday but all going well will be on time and out sharp to head across London. Look forward to seeing you then.


Ian please could you confirm venue for Thursday as Link isn't working,

many thanks



Hi Rosy

yes apologies not sure why

Riverside Terrace cafe, Royal Festival Hall Southbank

Be well



many thanks Ian - see you on Thursday


Hi Ian, just flew down from Scotland Friday evening to visit my son in Chingford and thought I might have managed along to meet you and others. But, alas I am due to fly back 11.35 Thursday. So, another time. Walter


Hopefully will make it,



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