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Treatment of Bradycardia?

I was diagnosed with Bradycardia in 2008 with a heart rate generally in the low 40's. I presented further complications of breathlessness, dizziness etc during 2011/12/13. I was advised to increase exercise as it was felt this would be of assistance and is the only recommendation given to me. In early 2014 my GP noted various flutters and took an ECG and referred me back to the Cardiac Team. That ECG only showed a very low level of irregularity, but the Cardiac Team decided that the heart had flipped into Atrial Fibrillation. At the same time I was still mainly in Bradycardia with beats down into the 30's. I was started on Warfarin and the Cardiac Team's decision was to carry out a Cardioversion because in their judgement there was a level of AF occurring. The outcome of that Cardioversion, which was only supported by Warfarin and no other medication, was not successful and resulted in my emergency hospitalisation with heart rates well in excess of 200.

I am not sure that I have received the best treatment as my condition has deteriorated significantly since and I am now remaining very unwell and am having difficulty in maintaining a heartbeat under 100.

I was wondering whether any one has experience of how their Bradycardia was treated and whether they had a Cardioversion and what the outcome of that was and whether they had had a successful outcome?

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Hi I have Bradycardia and PAF. I was offered (well more like insisted I had) a pacemaker for the Bradycardia and drugs (beta blockers - cos I can't take them for the AF at the moment cos I'm Bradycardic) although I have not opted for this yet. I have opted for an ablation in the hope of relieving all symptoms of the AF which should (hopefully) help with the lower heart rates. At some point I am sure I will need a pacemaker. I first reported my Bradycardia (~50 bpm) to my GP in late 2012, although was told they were perfectly happy with it! My heart rate has got lower in the 40s now and sometimes in the 30s when I experience the 'bounce back' from the AF.

I'm surprised that you have not been offered a pacemaker with the heart rate you have as this also allows more options on the drug treatments you can try for the AF. Some posts today have even reported that having a pacemaker has stopped their AF (I was told it wouldn't).

All the best, I think you need a second opinion.



Jo many thanks - I appreciate your information.

With best wishes to you too.



Mickey you will be interested to read, if you haven't already, RosyG's thread on Pacemakers and Brady/Tachycardia.

In you position I would be asking for a second opinion.

My husband had similar symptoms, diagnosed with sick sinus syndrone, fitted with pacemaker 6 weeks later, now back on the golf course at 80.


Hi CDreamer - thank you for your reply - I am new to HealthUnlocked and have tried finding the thread on Pacemakers and Brady/Tachycardia and have been unsuccessful so far. Will keep trying tho. Really good to hear about your husband.


If you type key words into the search healthunlocked box at the top right it should pick them out - you'll see that posts have been allocated key words or search for RosyG and you'll get those posts.

Good luck with the research.



Is it this one started by RosyG?


Many thanks to Koll and Happyjo for your help - taking a look now.




Dear Mickey, I have AF with bradycardia of the ventricles. This was diagnosed just over a year ago although my history suggests I have probably had problems with my heart that were missed or misdiagnosed many years ago. I had a cardioversion which made me even more bradycardic which sounds the opposite to symptoms you have developed.

My consultant said I have a degree of infrahisian disease which is why I am bradycardic with AF. I have been told they want to hold off pacing me (which would be pace and ablate, although in my head I am not quite clear about why that is), in addition I have been advised at the present time they want to hold off doing this as there is a risk it could make me worse!

I am trying to pace my own level of activity and remaining reasonably ok although I get very tired at times, occasionally short of breath if I push myself like walking up hill. I am awaiting results of a Holter monitor and MRI.

I don't know if my experience helps you make any decisions about what to do? I sought a second opinion as I was not happy with my treatment and lack of information I was given when complications set in.


Thanks Bryonny for your input. I think I have a different issue to yours in that no one has mentioned a ventricle problem to me. I was told my heart was slowing down due to a physiological issue when first diagnosed and that I was considered too young for pacemaker, particularly as I was not passing out at the time. However my heart continued to slow down over the years and I became very unwell. I developed occasional atrial fibrillation. The heart rate however was not going passed the 100 bpm and was bradycardic for 98% of the time. I had two cardioversions earlier this year and matters have gone pear shaped ever since. I have now asked for a second opinion and have selected a different hospital for treatment.


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