Nosh and Natter Time? Tuesday 29th July

Hi all, Perhaps times for another Nosh and Natter in central London, whilst we still have summer?

For those who don't know it's informal and we just meet to chat and eat if you wish, but just fellow sufferers having a pleasant afternoon.

Tuesday 29th July, and we will go back to EV Coffee Shop (it's more than that for those who have been there) Isabella Street Southwark, right behind Southwark station or a short walk from Waterloo. 2:30pm until around 5pm but do yell if youi want it extended.

EV does the very best home made Turkish salads, yummy yummy and all veggie if you are that way inclined (I am not and they are still delicious)

Leave me a note or a message if you can make it.


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  • Day before my lunch. Well done the London branch. Enjoy!


  • Have sent you a message Ian - See you on the 29th July.


  • Sorry I would love to come but I have a hospital appointment that day. I have only just join this AF forum and I am enjoying all the reads.

  • Have perhaps sent you a message Ian, but it's possible I have sent it to myself instead! I've just spent slightly under £14 on two rail tickets Oxenholme / Manchester and Manchester/Euston. ETA Euston 13.24, so I might just get to Southwark for 2.30.

  • Look forward to seeing you Rellim, that was a bargain, and if you arrive Euston 13:24 only 15 -20 mins to Southwark. Northern line to Waterloo and then walk along the Cut about 300 yds (by the Old Vic Theatre ask anyone). If you don't want to walk change to Jubilee Line one stop.


  • Oh good, I should manage to be on time. No idea as yet whether I'll travel back the same day. Have some research to do at the PRO at Kew sometime. Yes, well worth ferreting for tickets - a 'cheap' single Oxenholme - Euston was £48, but there are special offers from Manchester. Looking forward to a natter.

  • Hi ian that sounds good I will try to make that full name of cafe and address please karen

  • Hope to be there Ian but it is only a couple of days after my daughter's wedding - where I am bound to overdo things!!

    Will do my best as they are so good.

    Thanks for organising it.


  • While you're having the nosh and natter on that day think of me on the slab having my ablation Lol !

  • Can't make this one as I have to go back to work on Monday after having two weeks off from my ablation. Please let me know when you are organising another date. Thanks Cathy.

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