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Breast biopsy continued

Hello all, ablation done 2 weeks ago, not a sign of a palpitation or a flutter so fingers crossed, slight pain when deep breathing also seems to have gone, highly recommend it and also recommend Castle Hill hospital in Hull.

Wide excisional biopsy done earlier this week and I have to say it was definitely the worst of the 2 ops. A lot of pain, awful reaction to the general anaesthetic and not a great standard of care, strangely also at Castle Hill! One horrid bit was having to have the fragmin injections leading up to the op, luckily my partner agreed to stab me because I couldn't face doing it myself! Interesting the surgeon said continue fragmin for 48 hours afterwards until warfarin kicked back in, nurse said not necessary so I didn't have it. Left hand? Right hand?

Anyway, now I have had both ops, awaiting biopsy result for Phylodes Tumour which I am led to believe probably benign, so this time next week I should be hunky dory!

If heart continues to behave I may even be able to come off the heart meds in 3 months so keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me.

Just had my smear appointment date through, not sure I dare go given my current run of luck, only joking, definitely getting my money's worth out of the NHS.

And it is a beautiful day here in Yorkshire.

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great to hear all is quiet!!


What a busy time you are having! So glad your heart is behaving so well - very encouraging. Dropping medication is a real treat. 9/10 breast lumps or thereabouts are benign, I seem to recall from a long time ago, so do be of good cheer in that direction.

Excellent weather here in Cumbria too.


Good to hear that all appears to be going well for you now. Hope you have a speedy recovery.


Getting things ticked off your list by the sound of it. Pleased things are moving in the right direction for you. Give yourself a lovely treat once your health list is complete and celebrate.


Hel1958 I was supposed to have an ablation at Westmead on the 20th May but I had a lump in the thyroid and one in the breast after breast screen and decided to wait for the outcome of both biopsies before having the ablation. It is interesting that you didn't take your meds up to the operation, my EP advised that I continue taking all my meds, save having a heart attack or clot during the process. Just curious.


Probably because I had already had my ablation and the AF had subsided. I continued with the Sotalol, it was just the warfarin that they substituted with Fragmin, another anti-coagulant, so I guess I was covered.


wonderful news - I hope your to do list shrinks soon, that is a lot on your plate! congratulations at chipping away at one of the bits


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