Warfarin and biopsy continued

Hello again, just to update you. I happened to meet the clinical director of the Acute Trust responsible for Breast Care. I told him about the stupidity of not being able to have a biopsy without a recent INR and he started giving me some spiel about why they couldn't have all these extra machines etc etc. so I said, well why don't you include it in the advise on the appointment letter, he looked stunned and said, what a really good idea, I will get that introduced. So hopefully, a success!

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  • Well done! Nice when the patient can see the wood when everyone else is looking at the trees.

  • Well done! It's amazing that they've never thought of that themselves!

  • That is why he is a senior health official . No brain to hamper his work! Do they never think things through!


  • brilliant! hoping your results are as good as your quick mind!

  • Hooray! Well done! It's amazing the difference a patient can make :)

  • Fantastic. Well done you.

  • We'll done! I also think it would help if patients notes were read thoroughly before consultations.

  • Because its bad enough having a biopsy without having to worry extra time while you wait for it. Well don eyou.

  • The worse people to give instructions are the people that know how to do it.

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