AF again & DC cardioversion no. 12!!

Disappointed to report that I went back into AF again on Thurs just 4 months post my last DCCV & 11 months post my 3rd ablation. I don't know where this 'came from'-- just woke up at 1am with very disturbing fast AF.Took 5mg Bisoprolol but it was an hour before things calmed down a bit. Didn't sleep.Decided I would take further 2.5mg Bisop. at 8am but at that time my BP was 77/60 so decided against it as I was also feeling a bit ' spaced out ' . Took some fluid ' onboard' which eventually raised systolic to 100. Time to put 'Plan B ' into action so phoned GP's surgery for advice & was asked to come in for ECG etc. As a result GP phoned local hosp. & spoke to AMU consultant who advised me to come in to be checked out & to take 2.5 mg Bisop. straight away.( not surprisingly, given my history , he knows me quite well! )Went to AMU at about 1pm & was eventually given IV Amiodarone

which didn't do anything so DC cardioversion arranged for next morning. Reverted to NSR with one zap& now await follow up with EP. I'm sure he will be very pleased to see me again ( ?! ). That was my 12th cardioversion & I feel that i have almost had enough. Ep thinks that the trigger for my AF ' might be an unusual focus, being SVC, common left atrial appendage or coronary sinus'. Can't pretend to understand that! Anyway it looks like a further ablation is on the cards. A part of me wishes that Ihad never gone down the ablation route. Does anyone else feel like this?


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  • Cheer up Sandra, I know what you mean about the" spaced out " feeling that's what happens with bisoprolol with many people. I really hope you get things sorted soon . Good luck Terjo

  • Sorry to hear that Sandra . Well, after our chat, you know how I feel about ablations!!


  • Yatsura- very sorry to hear you are suffering- do you mean things rare much worse since ablation? very helpful for us to hear about your experience- really hope you settle down now and things ease for you

  • Hi Rosy -- thank you for responding, sorry i am late in replying. No, I wouldn't say I was worse, although it has at times felt like it, more a case of feeling different.I normally feel ' reborn ' after a cardioversion but not this time. I think this may be due to the Amiodarone infusion & bisoprolol. Feeling better today though. Don't let me put you off having an ablation . My situation is a bit complex & my diagnosis was a long time ago. My husband only has to remind me how bad I was before my 1st ablation & how he used to sit with me in hospital with the heart monitor going well into the 200's. I was strongly advised to go down the ablation route after a bout of heart failure ( thankfully only one bout ). I suppose I had expected to feel completely rejuvenated & that I most certainly haven't!

  • Hi Sandra, what a history - you are so brave! I can understand your frustration and I am only starting. I have looked into many of those issues (different foci) and apparently for good reason. I am scheduled for my ablation for next week and they will be doing a substrate ablation with a catheter that burns lines instead of dots which seems to not leave as many gaps AND goes into more detail. Might ask about substrate ablation. Take good care.

  • Best of luck next week with your ablation Iris. Do let us know how you get on. I do know that some of the work done on my heart included linear block in the roof, mitral isthmus & right atrial isthmus which to me indicates that lines were burnt. I shall have to ask. Sandra

  • I believe this is why my EP has chosen the Substrate ablation.... look into this document. LInear lines instead of "spot welding". Very interesting.

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