Last minute reprieve from DCCV no. 14!

Awoke yesterday just before 1am in fast AF ( 140 - 170 ) , decided to try & relax & see how long I could last out, regularly checking rate. Got up at 6am, rate unchanged, fed cats etc. At 6.45 am told my husband he could go on to work as we had been through this so many times before & i could manage. Phoned NHS direct at 7.30 am , really just for permission to go to AE ( why do i always feel so guilty ??! ) Details taken & advised to go to AE straight away & to instruct taxi driver to pull into roadside immediately if any problems & phone 999 !!

Processed quickly at AE , taken to Resus & wired up as per norm. Given Bisoprolol which made no difference -- I could have told them but went with the flow. Eventually taken to AMU to await slot in theatre for cardioversion due to my history of persistent AF & drug refractoriness. Meanwhile put on potassium drip. 2pm anaesthetist paid a visit , bemused as they always are by my cardioversion record, took details & soon after the porter arrived. I then announced to all & sundry that I thought I had just gone back into NSR! But they still decided to take me up to theatre to have me checked out there as all the wheels were in motion. It was confirmed after a ' 12 - lead ' that I was indeed back in sinus.

So, i live to fight another day with a tally of 13 intact. Actually when I was getting dressed to go home some 3hrs later I briefly slipped back into AF & I thought OMG I don't believe this but fortunately only lasted a couple of minutes.

I have had my Disopyramide dose increased & see my EP in 5 weeks


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  • You don't need permission to go to A&E. I just walked in there and said I think I'm in AF...and I was.

  • I was only making light of it Loo! I have been to AE so many times & been admitted - am well known to the AMU consultant , treats me like an old friend!


  • Haha OK I really thought you were being serious but having said that some people go down to A&E for the most ridiculous reasons..

  • Yes... the person ahead of me said he had had blocked ears for 4 months & wanted them syringed.....

  • what a yoyo Sandra- difficult for you to know what to do re timing when this yoyo effect is ongoing- hope you are not too tired after this!

  • Rosy, tired is not the word! It is very unusual for me to cardiovert spontaneously. It is not good for me to remain in fast AF too long.

  • This is so annoying isn't it? I have been told to take extra Bisoprolol when I go into AF. Twice this week I have waited the suggested 30 minutes, got the pill and a glass of water ready, just about to pop it in my mouth and...back to NSR! I have had to go to A&E twice in the last couple of months. I find if I have an ambulance (which I hate doing) I get straight in but if I get a taxi (cost of £16) I have to wait in the queue. It's a difficult one.

  • I call an ambulance if my rate goes really high ie 200+ bpm with no sign of slowing & i feel very compromised. My Gp thinks I should call one anyhow. When I go in with my own transport I am never kept waiting -- put to front of queue as all heart cases normally are. As I said before it is very unusual for me to revert to NSR once I get going! I had Bisop. as ' pill in the pocket' but it didn't do anything. I just took it to save going through all the rigmarole in AE, saving waiting time. Even IV Amiodarone over 24 hrs left me untouched.

  • Last time I went with fast AF, I rang coronary care for advice and they let A & E know my husband was bringing me in and I was seen straight away.

    Lots of mixed messages re when to go in from professionals though. Regards Wendy B

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