Another DC Cardioversion

Well I had yet another DC Cardioversion yesterday - no. 13 in fact. This was my 3rd admission & DCCV since my 3rd ablation in April 2013. I now await my appt. with my EP on June 3 to discuss next option which is likely to be a further ablation in a different area.

To those of you who have queried whether or not to go to AE, call an ambulance etcI have to say that this time I had to call 999. I woke at 6am & went into fast AF which was varying between 220 - 248 bpm on my pulse oximeter ( kept on my bedside table - as you do ) I took 5mg Bisoprolol ( ditto ) albeit with v shakey hands. I couldn't wait for my usual 30 mins for the drug to kick in as I began to experience central , but not radiating, chest pain. This was not a dreadful pain . about 4/10, but enough to cause me concern as I have never had chest pain with AF.Anyway I dialled 999 at 6.15 am & the ambulance arrived within minutes -- they are very good here on the south east coast! I was blue lighted to AE& fast AF confirmed on ECG at 220 bpm

Rate eventually settled in AF & A/Flutter at 120+ bpm. Was put on IV Amiodarone which did nothing,& so had emergency DCCV Fri pm in the cath lab. Reverted to NSR with a lovely heart rate of 65 bpm with one zap - took 7 mins. Absolutely nothing to worry about if anyone is concerned about having a cardioversion. I should mention that I find my Coaguchek monitor invaluable for ensuring that I do not stray out of range which would put the kibosh on my many impromptu DCCV's!

I am now preparing to go on a weeks cruise to France/ Spain at the end of the week -- assuming my insurer has no objection & will see my EP shortly after my return.

Carpe diem, ' gather ye rosebuds while ye may ' & all that jazz!

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  • Well done for keeping your head and glad things sorted for now. Go get some sunshine and and good luck with the next step. keep us posted please.


  • Thanks Bob

  • Gosh that was a fast heart rate! Don't think I've ever been over 200, but even below it feels scary. Good news that your cardioversion was again successful and I hope you enjoy your cruise. Wishing you well.


  • Thank you Jean, very glad to hear that you are so improved and enjoying your walking again. Bet you thought the day would never come! Sandra

  • enjoy your holiday

  • I only hit 200 once and that was during a failed attempt to exercise the a f away. Enjoy your holiday.

  • Goodness, you certainly deserve a holiday after that! That was a fast heart rate! So glad the ambulance responded quickly...

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