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Anyone else had ablation procedure and had to return for cardioversion at later date?

As lots of you may realise I was very anxious my INR wouldn't be in range but turned out it was fine at 2.8. I was first in the list so was dealt with very efficiently and ready for theatre 8.50am.Had last wee (am always anxious about that) and was prepped in cardio lab with lots of pads, wires etc. Quite cold until they turned on the heat warming pad - thank you.

Was in quite a long time over 5 hrs and couldn't see a thing. Thought I may have a nurse near my head end as they say let them know if you want anything - pain relief, scratch nose etc, but they were all at a distance foot end/mid body. Consultant seemed to pick up when I was feeling pain and flinching. I did drift in and out of awareness but when aware heard the running commentary. Seems consultant was relaying info to someone in a lab type room at the back of room discussing what he was doing and doing next. I know I heard him saying he had dealt with an area, eradicated waves but when moved on and they returned and had to go back a re do some areas? Don't know whether this is usual.

However, feel slightly cheated as I am sure what happened next is unusual (It had to be me)

They wanted to do a cardio version but I was too awake and they said they were unable to give me the amount of sedation I would require to cardiovert me!! I was gutted and asked if there was anything they could do to proceed. I also needed a wee and they think this was affecting my conscious level!!!

So I was taken off to recovery, ablation complete but still in AF - and had a wee!!

Stayed in overnight and came home yesterday afternoon. They only do cardio versions every Friday & fortunately there is one place left this Friday. So back I go on Friday.

Is there any reason why I wouldn't cardiovert now? Still anxious regarding INR again but we agreed my dose for next 3 days. I did have a dip of 1.8 but that was prior to TOE so Consultant says if any problems with any dr concerned about that, I must get them to ring him (this procedure usually registrars I gather).

I could write more on post procedure discomfort etc but am sue you have had enough of me by now.

Am I just unlucky or did this happen to anyone else?

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Hi Yoyo -

What a nuisance you're having to go back again next Friday. I've never heard of that before, but others on the site may have. My 2nd ablation, under sedation last June, took 6hrs and they had to cancel the person due for an ablation after me. During that time I was cardioverted twice. It's been playing on my mind as to why the procedure took 6hrs, I was told before that the procedure that it would be between an hour and half or three hours. I think I may have to telephone my EP and ask why. Please make sure you ask all you need to know when you go next Friday. I did have a nurse sat just slightly away from me and every time I started to become too aware he would indicate for the sedation to be increased. Wishing you well and hoping that your cardioversion will be successful. You may find that they'll give you a general anaesthetic on Friday, they generally use one for cardioversions as they only take 5-10 mins .Please let us know how you get on.


Thanks for reply Jeanjeannie, I have had 2 previous cardio versions under GA so know what to expect. Just disappointed they couldn't do it on Monday. You gave me food for thought though - hope last person on list (were 3 of us) wasn't cancelled. That would be awful.


Hi Yoyo,

I hope you are feeling easier and not to uncomfortable and relaxed and prepared for the Cardioversion on Friday.

I wish you luck and I am sure it will beworth it in the end to be AF free.



Hi yoyo,when I had my ablation last August I was told it took 3 attemps to get it right.It seems they blast away at the area where the problem is and then sit and wait for 15 mins to see if it returns,if it does they then do the procedure again,as I said it took 3 goes before they got it,In your case they might not have been able to sort every thing with an ablation so then decided to do cardioversion.Hope everything works out for you good luck.Sorry about the plain english I,m not very technical when it comes to explaining ops.


Hi Yo Yo, All three of my ablations were done under GA but I did go into atrial tachycardia a few weeks later on two of them and need cardioversion which sorted me out,

Regarding yours, it is entirely possible that you may spontaneously return to NSR and not need the DCCV so my hopes go with you.



Hi yo yo,

Although I had them under G A I know I was cardioverted with the first procedure as they told me that I had gone into another rhythm although the af had stopped. And then had to go back for a cardioversion about 3 months later as I had developed atrial tachycardia.



Thanks for all replies, it seems as if it was a natural thing to do a cardioversion at end of procedure just my body wouldn't be sedated enough. I thought it was routine for most folks to be cardioverted at end.

Do some not need it?

Anyway, finished 5 hours of sixth form reports, urgh, going to have tea, take last dose of warfarin and pack small bag for in the morning.

Hope INR still ok now, been taking what they told me to. Finger crossed next time I come on here I am in Sinus rhythm!

Appreciate all the support

Gill xxx


Just to say -all done & home in NSR at the moment. Very tired cos not much sleep last night so off for nap.

Thanks to all for well wishes



Hope you had a good sleep. So pleased to hear you are back in sinus rhythm. Best wishes.



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