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Successful Ablation today at Bart's by Dr Mark Early and his wonderful team

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After over 2 years of AF and 2 failed cardio versions I am finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I know that I have to expect the possibility of further Ablations but I am so happy at this stage with the prospect of a future free of drugs and back to MTB and fell running. I know I now need to be careful not to 'redline' it in competition and to rest up for 3 months. I had become highly anxious in the days before and I don't know how my partner put up with me. I would have no hesitation to do it again. This forum has been brilliant in keeping me focused and informed and I thank everyone of you. Luv&Peace

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Good call Now rest-- A lot! Glad it all went well but do respect your heart and give it plenty of time to recover. The fells will be there long after we have all gone. lol Me jealous? Whatever gave you that idea..


I'm so pleased to hear that your ablation went well and hope that you soon feel 100%.

It's strange how we have such a fear of the unknown, as with ablations. No matter how much we tell other AF sufferers that there's nothing to worry about having an ablation, it's not until you've had one that you realise that what you were told was true. You are wise to rest and let your heart heal. Please keep us informed on how you progress. Best wishes.


I can feel your relief! Well done and keep us updated. X

Great news elbows !

Good news- have a good rest now!

Great news. Really pleased for you. Please post on you progress. Gouda Health.

Good health ! iPhone thinks otherwise lol

Resting after this procedure is so hard especially when you feel so well, I went stir crazy, but it really is a good idea. A couple of times I did too much and I certainly knew about it afterwards. Stay well x

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Well done ... great feeling isn't it?! Now listen to your body and pace yourself. I got over my 3 ablations without much trouble but didn't have work to worry about. Sanddra

Well done! I had my PVI a month ago and I agree with everyone else that you should take it steady for a while. I remember the initial euphoric feeling of relief and the increased energy levels. Because of this I felt like rushing my recovery, but pushed it a bit too far a couple of times. Your body needs rest, even though maybe you physically feel ok, so try not to rush your recovery. After backing off heavy training and building up very gradually I'm now feeling great. Patience required (which I'm not very good at!) :)

All the best!

Well done, natural to be nervous of having someone poke about inside your heart. Really pleased you feel so well.

After my first ablation I did too much too quickly and came off the drugs too quickly so please take note of the advice here to rest up and take it very slowly, it is so easy to do too much and unfortunately you only know that when you have done it.

My mantra now is always stop when you know you still have more in the tank so you can restart again tomorrow.

And I sure need reminding!

Elbows - so pleased that all has gone well. As a keen runner, I know how much it means to get back to training. I'm 7 weeks post ablation and have been back doing a bit of tempo work. Perhaps more than I should but it's just fab to be out there again. Let us know how your recovery goes. Sue

Hi elbows well done I am having ablation on 23 july by Dr.Mark wright at St.Thomas I am so worried especially re. the GA,so pleased yours is over take care and thanks for sharing your experience Hazel

So pleased for you well done karen x

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