Pain and bruising after ablation?

I had my 1st ablation 10 days ago, and I still have pain and bruising in my groin area. I still have to wear VERY lose clothing. There's a bump about the size of quarter on the left side. I was just wondering if anyone else has had these issues? I am also still having a lot of heart flutters. My Dr. says all of this is normal. And that some of it is from stopping smoking. It's all a little scary. Any advice would be great.

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  • I am 6 weeks post ablation and I had a lot of irregular/fast heart beats (one episode for 20 hours) for about 4weeks. I didn't have much pain in the groin area but did have a lump about size of a pea. I think everything you describe is normal but if you are really worried ring ep secretary or your gp.

    Now all of this has gone away and it is 16 days since any strange heart beat so I am optimistic. Are you on meds. I was taken off mine the day I had the ablation ( not counting warfarin) so no beta blockers etc. I really hope you are ok and stay optimistic. Wishing you all the best and happy Xmas. Marie

  • Thank you so much for the reply. I have not been on meds for over a year, I can't take them. My palpations starting getting worse about 2 years ago. This last year has been the worst. Almost every day. I really hope the ablation works. I didn't expect the pain to last this long in the groin area. It kind of worries me because it's still to painful to put jeans on or cough hard. I did have one day with just a few flutters. I hope it keeps geting better. And Merry Christmas. Thanks again.Lisa

  • Hi Ikeel

    I am now 8 weeks post ablation and you are describing exactly what I experienced.My groin wounds were uncomfortable for a couple of weeks and I had to walk with small steps and wear baggy clothes. The bruising was quite spectacular - it turned black and all shades of purple and blue and after a couple of weeks had more or less reached my knee!

    Others on here describe all kinds of peculiar heart activity in the first three months while the ablated points are scarring over, so what you are feeling is probably normal, but as Marie says- if you are worried speak to The EPs secretary.

    Have a calm and happy Christmas.


  • Angela, Thank you. It's reassuring to know other people go through some of the same things. Merry Christams, Lisa

  • The cardiac nurse should answer any problem you have. Do you not have hotline no ? Usually one does after ablation.

  • I do not have a hotline. If I have a question, I call the Dr. office, speak to the secretary, that person talks to the nurse, the nurse talks to the Dr. and then calls back. It take take a while to get and answer.

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