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Bruising on thigh following ablation

I had an ablation about 6 weeks ago which from the AF point of view seems to have gone very well - though I appreciate it is early days.

Unfortunately the EP caught a vein in my groin which in turn caused a pseudo aneurysm. My leg went a spectacualr black and blue from groin to knee. The aneurysm was treated with a thiomin injection and is said to be closed off. The surface bruising has slowly healed to the point that I just have a few bruises around the knee.

However I am still unable to walk or hobble more than 20 metres because I have two persisent sore lumps on the inside of my thigh. These feel hard and are showing little sign of healing at present though may contain fluid. On seeing my doctor a week or so ago he said give it time.

I would be very intrerested in the experience of others regarding the healing process. Most articles seem to say give it 4 weeks but I am already at 6 weeks. Is there a point at which I should worry or is it a question of a very frustrating wait until nature takes its course.

Appreciate any replies. Thanks

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Personally I would go back to both your GP and also to your EP at the same time (but without telling the other one what you are doing) and get a referral to a specialist (maybe a vascular one - let them decide). It will take a few weeks to get seen. If it does heal in the meantime you can always cancel. The reason for going back to the EP (contact their secretary) is that the EP may be able to get you a quicker consultation as it happened during a procedure.

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Thanks. Will follow this advice.


Hi I have same problem. I had a Pilmonary Vein Isolation done on 19th August and they thought that an artery had been "nicked" so was black and blue from groin to knee with a large lump in the groin.

Monday I went to see a vascular surgeon who scanned the area and seemed happy that all was healing well. The bruising has almost disappeared.My leg is still sore and does ache,(especially after half an hour at the ironing board!) but that apparently is part of the healing process. I go back to vascular surgeon In 6 months.

Seems to me we all have to be patient with these treatments and hope that eventually we will see the results and be well.


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Thanks. Helpful comment. Hopefully we will both come out the other side unscathed! Best not to show your reply to me wife as so far I have managed to convince her that ironing is quite impossible!


I agree with Peter , see everybody , you shouldn't be suffering . I'm 2 weeks after my ablation and yes my thighs are stI'll bruised but getting better every day and my groin feels sore after a long walk , but I'm back doing Pilates and yoga . We are all different



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