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Breathless after ablation

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I have had 2 ablations . My last one in Oct /18. Still in afib and 9 weeks have shortness of breath. Wondering if LA stiffness has resulted from the cauterizations. I can work out for 20 min on the tread mill , but heart rate goes to 130+. And stays there for hours . ??? Not sure about all of this ? Anyone have any advice here? They say 12 week healing window .

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Don’t expect much to change as it takes 3 to 6 months for the scar tissue to heal.

Rest up and take it easy as your heart has been traumatised.

Give it a chance to recover.


Thx for this

Forget the 12 weeks - everyone is very different. It took over 9 months after ablation for my HR to come back to pre-ablation levels and especially working out - and I wasn’t in AF.

The golden rule is to be able to walk and talk, moderate exercise good - excessive exercise bad. After assessment I was told to keep my HR under 120 (again individual) whilst exercising but I always got too breathless anyway when it got to that. Your heart muscle has been poked, prodded and burned - it needs recovery time.

120 HR max during the healing period sounds like a good number , Kind of moderate exercise as I’ve been told - thx

Hi Magnolia, after my second ablation I felt drained for ages. It sounds like your problem is the fact that you are still in AF. Have you let your EP or his secretary know that, if you do they may offer you a cardioversion.

Love the photo, makes me think of Montana, USA.


I have AF pretty well 24/7. Though lately there are instances of sinus . I use a KARDIA . It does the ECG . Very helpful . I let the AF nurse know my condition , but they don’t want to say very much - ?? There doesn’t seem to be anyone save for you and others on this support group that cares to advise . Thx

What medication are you taking and what is your resting heart rate?


Hi Jean - I am on flecainide (150mg/day). My resting heart rate ranges from 70- 85. My rhythm is long short- long short etc.

Your flecainide dose may need increasing slightly, ask your nurse next time you speak to her if that would be an idea. Are you taking an anticoagulant? Although out of rhythm your pulse rate is fine. I would forget about exercising on your treadmill and just do some gentle walks until you feel a bit better.

Do you feel well when you are just sitting?

OK Jean - I’ll try that - should I go to 200 mg?

Not without first checking with your GP that it's ok to do that.

Thx for all your help Jean

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