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Three month post my first ablation, what a horrible night !

Three month post my first ablation, what a horrible night !

As most of you aware I had my rf ablation last Aug to treat atrial flutter after two successful cardiversions where second one lasted only a month

After ablation i was having daily frequent attacks of SVT which was hardly controlled by 80 mg twice a day of sotalol along with ectopic beats

My doctor wants me to have second ablation soon to treat the SVT since ten days I didn't have any SVT even I reduced the dose of sotalol to 40 mg three times a day , I feel more stable , I believe it meant that the ablation scars are healed after three months as Bob keep on telling us ;)

Main complain now are the ectopic beats from time to time , this time started from yesterday very annoying ectopic beats with chest discomfort and hot flashes in my chest, short of breath and light head ,pressure in the ears.

I ended up in ER BP 170/120 pulse 76 , EKG was sinus rhythm , tachycardia , they inject me with morfeen( don't know the right spelling ) in the vein to let me calm down

I spent the whole night at hospital , blood tests were normal , don't know what's going on exactly , I thought I was going to die , my kids got scared , husband was going to have heart attack because of me , I was really look like going to die

Doctor said it might be related to my migraine , since I was having that yesterday

Could migraine cause such horrible symptoms ?! Was it mini stroke ? I feel so weak today , dizzy

What's going on , if it is not flutter , not SVT , so what! I was not lucky to catch such incident in my last holter

I know my doctor mentioned I'm having VT also , which he was hoping that sotalol will help in that , based on such episodes not sure it is improving or worsening the case .

It is so hard to ignore something wrong in the heart , since it is in our core body , hope I can switch off that noise inside to have some mute break :(

Thank god I can sleep to get that nice break

Just talking to myself before sleeping , looking for a better tomorrow without actions!

Wish you all good nights and sweet dreams


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Sleep well Maitha hope you feel better tomorrow . Teresa x


Oh Maitha, I'm so sorry to hear what is happening. I pray that you will have a good nights sleep and wake well. It' sounds like you do need the second ablation. Really feel for you. Please let us know how you are in the morning, will be thinking of you. Big healing hug.X




I am sorry you are having such a rough time, can I also send you a healing hug like jeanjean50. Hope you have a good nights sleep.



hope you feel better soon,

best wishes,



Hope you feel better tomorrow

All the best Wendy



Thinking of you tonight and hoping it is a better night and a better tomorrow. Hugs.


Sending you hugs Maitha, and I hope you are feeling better now.



Maitha - I'm wondering how you are this morning. X


Hope things are a little better.


Hope today is a much better day for you. Keep us informed.


So sorry to hear you are having such a bad time Maitha. God bless. Dee.


Hi Maitha, sorry to hear your woes, really feel for you. My AF seems to have gone away and now I'm having ectopics and sometimes it has been scary. I thought I was going to die one night as well, my heart was shaking almost violently. I'm on Flecainide now and it seems to be helping, still got ectopics, but no scary bouts (yet). As you say, you can't ignore your heart, and when it gets to a certain level of activity, anxiety just kicks in, so we need something to break the circle. I pop a Diazepam when it's bad and that seems to work for me.

Hope it quietens down for you.



Thank you all for your continuous support

I'm better today , but actually it is daily suffering , I met my doctor today he could not explain the reason for such scary attacks with sudden highly BP where I'm suffering all my life from low one, nothing was wrong in all my tests and EKG at ER

My holter report showed the following where I was feeling as a normal day :

No atrial fibrillation

Total VE ( ventricular ectopic ) beats : 632

SVE : 97

He just prescribed for me zanax twice a day ( anti anxiety drug ) till I prepare my papers to travel and have EPS abroad , not sure where yet , since it depends on our health committee recommendations , initial recommendations were USA , France or UK / prombton

And he advised me to reduce the dose of sotalol since my pulse is dropping to 53 sometimes especially in the morning / evening

Hope I can arrange all that soon before Christmas , since I'm expecting delays due to celebrations for the new year

Wish no one else in this world will have similar suffering ever .

Stay well



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