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I want put an end to this action , horror and drama movies , will there be a happy end

I was shopping with my husband this evening and everything was going well , I'm just starting to go back to my normal life after ablation two months back

My husband was afraid to go with me anywhere since it used to end in ER

Suddenly in our way back home , ectopic beats started very badly , it shakes my body in a scary way

After I reached home I had very bad fast and irregular beats , BP 150/110 , chest pain , hot flashes in the chest , first time in this way after ablation

I had my other half of sotalol as per my doctor advise , it took around an hour but look like few hours

Now I'm still not feeling normal , even my BP went down to 130/90 pulse around 60 , I still feel pounding beats , chest pain , pressure in both ears and pain all over my muscles , hot in my upper last arm

I feel this was different from my usual SVT attacks which I used to have after ablation , I'm afraid it is the atrial flutter again , I didn't go to hospital so not recoded

I took a zanax pill to help me relax and sleep , hope to wake up in a better condition

It was a bad day end actually for me and my family

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Maitha - I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you, you were doing so well and gaining confidence. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Big hug and wishing you well.



Thank you jean for your continuous support , thinking about you really

You have similar situation I know , but mine are paroxysmal and I'm not sure what is going on exactly , not sure if flutter again or just SVT even it seems different this time

I started to feel better last 2 weeks , maybe my recent flu and throat infection trigger it again

Wish to hear better news from your side soon



hope you feel better Maitha- it seems, from other's experiences, that two months may be too soon to tell so don't worry just yet!


Hi Maitha

I know how you feel.My husband didn't like to go out to far from home because it would end up with me needing to go back home or to hospital One of the worst things about this condition is that you lose confidence in yourself and are afraid to be on your own or at least that's my experience. I know we are told not to expect everything to settle down after an ablation for 3 months but it took 4 months for me but I've been almost free of all AF and flutter episodes for a month - how wonderful I only have a few ectopics now .I really hope that'll be the same for you.Hoping tomorrow will be a better day and you will be back to normal.



Stress is not a friend of AF when you are both concerned about going out it cannot help? Try controlling your breathing and maybe see your doctor about a daily regime of tablets rather than a pill in the pocket? I have been told I am past any more Ablations and will be having a Pace and Ablate at some point once I get some clarification to my lung problems.

Be Well Be Calm



So sorry to hear of your nasty experience Maitha.

I hate AF and feel as though I am living on a knife edge,( each and every time I have a symptom) but I do agree with Offcut, be well, be calm, the IPod works for me.

I know you have heard this all before but I send you a hug, and hope it is just a blip.


Hi Maitha,

I'm sitting here hoping you woke up feeling back to normal. Sending good thoughts and hugs your way. Wishing you a calm and happy day of NSR.


Thank you all for your kind words

Your support mean a lot for me since we share the same worries

Yes feejbee that is my situation with my family , scared to go far from my home or my hospital , I started to stick to drive to right side just in case I get faint so I can stop easily and quickly ! How stressful

I feel better today but still chest pain from yesterday and pounding sensation

I was starting to feel normal and back to my previous active happy spirit , I got panic after such episodic and depressed so I forced myself to go to work and stay busy rather than staying at home counting and monitoring my irregular beats :)

Hope it was not a flutter , one doctor insists I'm having VT but sotalol may control it where my other doctor said that it is not serious and I'm living with it since my open heart surgery long time back and used to it , I started to reduce the dose of sotalol few days back due to its bad side effects which may bring back this bad attack , who knows what was that

I'm happy you are here , where you can read my words and give me the support I really need badly

Wish you all well



Maitha what a horrible time you have had, I relate to the not wanting to go far, especially on your own. Do hope your confidence returns, go slow, step by small step and hold the positives whenever they come along. Xx


Maitha, not good and you do loose confidence for a short while, since I am a widow there is no other alternative but to try to relax with meditation or any other method, at the moment I am pretending I am on holiday after my recent stint in emergency. I am sure this bout of flue or cold has meant you have had some infection of sorts, You mentioned you had heat in your body like a hot flush etc. This happened to me after an infection, but no docs had heard of it before. Recent posts also suggest that changes in the body like menopause and hot flushes can trigger AF. I hope you come good soon and are being treated for some type of infection after your flue.


Poor you, I hope the thought that you are not alone in any of this helps, but at the time you do feel very isolated and despondent. Courage, and hold on to the thought that you have many alongside you. x


Thanks for Being around and share with me this action

Today I'm better , heart is calm

Actually I'm like most of you as mentioned above , really living in the edge , if one day passed without episodes I start thinking I will not have it again and I'm back to normal and start to plan a head for going out and live as normal ppl

Then when such symptoms accrue I'm back to the stress life , afraid to go far , can't stay at home alone coz my house is far away from the city , I already informed a friend in my work about my case and my husband phone number in case I collapse :(

It is very stressful life really , I'm always thinking what may happen if I had a stroke in front of my kids , they will get scared a lot , also afraid to travel to visit my parents since I had few attacks in the road earlier and end up in ER where my poor husband was driving too fast to reach nearest hospital , can't forget that scary day ever where I couldn't even move my tongue or lips for a while they where frozen .

How you can forget all that and it is still happening and never get stressed :) easy to say

If you fall once from a balcony you will be afraid to go there again .

It is not only stress doing that , it is AF attacks destroying the life for me and my family

The best thing I'm doing now is living day by day , starting my day by praying to god it will be normal and no scary symptoms :)

Thank god I'm a lot better after ablation , but need another one as touch up soon


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