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So tiered , don't know what is going on

So tiered , don't know what is going on

Since three days I'm having a lot of ectopic beats and low BP 85/40 along with short breath , I reduced the sotalol to 40x40 instead of 80 twice a day which supposed to control those beats

I'm having strange symptoms just like irregular beat then squeezing in my chest and shoulder with hot flashes , breathless, very annoying , coming and going few times a day , more with effort

I was going to stop driving at the highway And start crying and calling 999

I quit work and went to ER today EKG looks as normal to my case , just the BP low but my pulse around 60

They sent me home since nothing looks wrong but I really feel so bad , each ectopic beat cause pain in my chest , pain in my upper shoulder and hands

I'm in bed with three days sick leave

I wonder whats going wrong inside my poor heart , I'm planning for a visit to UK for another EP study , my doctor recommend prombton hospital , but I'm not expecting to finish all my papers before Christmas

My cardiologist is hoping that another ablation may treat my atrial irrethemia completely and may have positive impact on my VT as well

I'm most of time in bed , can't share any good time with my family , really digressed

No flutter after ablation , no SVT since few days just those ectopic beats with bad symptoms which no one Could explain to me , I requested a holter monitor and awaiting a call from the clinic to fix it

I feel my heart very slow and strong beats , hope heart can talk and complain !

Sorry for being sad and annoying today , but I don't want to complain to my poor husband today , so you are the victims lol

The best thing happened to me today was the kind doctor I met in ER , his kindness helped my a lot , even he didn't do anything more than talking and being kind :)

We need support along with treatment

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I agree so much that a kind voice helps so much. Maitha. I was treated at Brompton Hospital and in fact have just written to my consultant because I am having loads of ectopics at the moment. I can control it with drugs but they have side effects so asked him what could be done. It is a very good hospital although some of the building are very old but the facilities are excellent.



Thanks for your kind reply

I Hope you will feel better soon

Do those ectopic beats drop BP ?I noticed they do for me when they are more frequent

Do you have also other symptoms along with the ectopic beats ?

I'm on sotalol to control both SVT and ectopic , but it looks like it is not doing the job for ectopic

My doctor recommend for me amiodorone but I left it as last option

Happy to hear you agree with my doctor about prombton hospital , who is the well known EP doctor there ?

If I'm not wrong it is the same old hare field hospital where I had my first aortic valve replacement in 1984 by prof. Mahdi yaaqoob

Kind regards


They are the same trust but different buildings. MY EP was Jonathan Clague but I have also met Sabine Ernst who uses the magnetic system. My BP never seems to go down!



Hi Maitha

Like Bob I was treated at the Royal Brompton and my E P is Tom Wong .A brilliant hospital and you will be well looked after,although as Bob says the buildings are very old.You are right it is part of Harefield Hospital but they are about 15 miles apart.Hope you will be able to see the right consultant and they will be able to sort you out.

Good Luck



Hi Maitha,

I have my first appt with Dr Ernest at the Brompton on 3rd Dec so will let you how how it goes. Will your doctor send all the details to the Brompton so they will give you the relevant consultant?


My doctor recommend cryoablation for my second trial , do they have that method in royal prombton hospital ?

I prefer UK for treatment rather than other where , since I'm familiar to London

Hope everything will go fine , it is not easy to get a treatment abroad your country and family , you are so lucky to have advanced treatment next to your home ;)

My concern is the recovery away from my family and home , and whether I may need another follow up later

Thank you all for valuable input



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