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4 Month Post Ablation


Back to walking this week with 1.5miles walk by the sea under my belt today after the little interruption in July. As most of you know the ablation in April going well until I developed flutter on holiday in July having cardioversion done on lanzarote , I suspect through pushing a little to hard, too quickly, and then getting a chest infection which seemed to mess things right up. I've been in sinus since back from holiday and steadily built up with gentle walks and swims, now seeing how my erratic little friend behaves under stress and load again. Today ticking it up to 140-45bpm brisk walking which quickly reverted to 79 then 71 at rest after a short while. Lovely day for it and hopefully this flutter keeps away, hope your all well.


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Good to hear you are doing well now Ian. The scenery looks amazing and oh so lovely to be by the sea. Enjoy.

Ianp66 in reply to meadfoot

Thanks Mead, hoping it was just a blip, me too, its my go to relax, anywhere by the sea am happy, hope your OK.


Brilliant News Ian fantastic stuff

Ianp66 in reply to Padayn01

Good to be out again. 👍

Glad your going well

Ianp66 in reply to UnaY66

Thanks Una hope your doing well x

Good news. Nice and easy does it.

Ianp66 in reply to Ianc2

Thanks Ian 👍

That is great to hear! I hope to be making a similar post myself one day soon!

Best decision I made 👌

Wow! That’s a dream scenario for me, hope I have this too in a month or 2. Enjoy!

Ianp66 in reply to avma

Go for it, I've no regrets.

avma in reply to Ianp66

Thx! I’m already in my 4th month after my hybrid ablation and end of these month I hope I will finally have a go from the cardiologist to start my cardio revalidation. 🤞

Ianp66 in reply to avma

Hope it's going well

Great news,and a lovely photo! Take care x

Ianp66 in reply to wilsond

Thank you, lovely morning again for a walk before autumn arrives, hope your well. X

wilsond in reply to Ianp66

Fair to middling...got some kind of virus alas.. Enjoy your constitutional!

Ianp66 in reply to wilsond

Ah nightmare, rest up 👍

Lovely view!

And very glad your ‘erratic little friend’ (great description!) is behaving :) x

Ianp66 in reply to JaneFinn

Thanks Jane, he's behaving for now 😂x

Hi Ian,

I’ve read the story of your recent AF. So pleased to hear you are feeling better. I also enjoy anything to do with visiting the sea. It’s so relaxing.

I was pleased all went well at the Freeman. I’m under a cardiologist there and I’m waiting to see if an ablation is decided. I’m using Flecainide at the moment as a pip.

Your EP sounded very competent.

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