Social Evening at HRC

Hi all, For those who haven't been to Heart Rhythm Congress (20th October ICC Birmingham) I recommend this event as a great source of information as well as a chance to meet some great people. Some of us stay at Hyatt Regency Hotel across the road from the venue and I arrange a table for supper on the Saturday evening. We call this the Pink Carnation Club as we wear such a flower to identify ourselves to each other. Last year we had ten sit down for the meal and I would love to beat that number this year so if you are interested can you please let me know soon. No extra costs but we do tend to split the bill evenly to avoid that terrible business of sorting out who had what.

I know it sounds long way off but time has a habit of slipping past without notice.

I hope to see many of you there.


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  • Hello,

    This sounds like fun - sadly for me though,I won't be able to get there. I seem to remember that when I first joined the forum there was a suggestion that people in the south west might meet up. I'm wondering if that is happening and if I might join in?

  • Yes we did have a lunch on 7th August near Exeter which is the geographic centre of the area form Penzance to M4. The next one will be November I think depending on who can make it. I will advertise on here as I did the last one.I will mark you as interested and try to send a direct message.


  • Dear Bob D, thank you for this - exeter would have been perfect! Would v much like to make it in November though, wherever it may be.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Bob

    Put me down please, I have already booked in to the conference.

    Is it just me, or am I so used to the price of Asian hotels, but the rooms rates really shocked me seems to be above central London prices.



  • Hello BobD,Just looked at the Congress info.Is it on for 3 days and the cost seems to vary depending on what disciplinary category ones comes under. The hotel is £180 the complete package may out of my price bracket depending on what the attendance fees are. Could be looking at least £500.00...I would love to meet a 'real human' though to compare notes.C

  • Patients Day is the Sunday 20th October only and costs £25 if you haven't booked early enough.Not sure what cut off date is. £20early bird. Please ring the AFA office and see what can be done. The Hyatt is eye wateringly expensive I agree. Last year it was much cheaper but when I argued the toss with them they merely pointed out that the conference made it likely they would be full so no discounts--- even for me.LOL Maybe AFA could have taken a block booking so perhaps worth thinking about another


    Ian I agree, see above. I think last year it was about £95 with no cancel clause or about £30 more with insurance. Add in the enrolment fee and the £200 of petrol it will cost me to come up from North Devon and it is never cheap. Anybody from my neck of the woods wanting to share transport please let me know.


  • Hi Caromia

    I think most of us are just going for "patients day" which is the Sunday, the next three days look like boring medical talk to me, and in any case are firmly aimed at medical mprofessionals from my reading of the presentations.

    Bob's pink carnation club is on the Saturday night, in the Hyatt, which I found was around £159 a night, but there is certainly a hotel listed on the conference website at £99.00 and I might just take a tent :)

    Best regards


  • And we aren't invited to the rest of the conference unless we are medical professionals.

  • Hi Bob count me in

  • Already had!

  • Thats good, have just booked my room. Still not sure whether Mel is coming or not as she has had a lot of time off this year.

    Looking forward to it

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