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Just a reminder that I will be organising supper on Saturday evening 19th October at Hyatt Regency Hotel for those staying over for HRC on Sunday 20th. I have Eileen, Ian, Caromia, two Maggies and me so far and would welcome any others who may be coming. 7 for 7.30 in the main restaurant. Please let me know if you are interested and have not already given me your name.


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  • Hi bob, I think it's looking unlikely that we will get there this year- 1st time in years we haven't got there but sending mine and Jason's love to all new and old and crossing fingers that even if its all a bit last minute we can pop along.xx

  • Sorry Bob but what is HRC?

  • HRC is Heart Rhythm Congress. This is an annual event run by Arrhythmia Alliance and Atrial Fibrillation Association and on Sunday 20th October we have patients day where the talks and such are aimed at patients and carers. It is held at ICC Birmingham England (sorry US members) and is an excellent event to meet other patients and find out more about the condition. More details from AFAssociation website. or call the office.


  • would have loved to have attended this meeting, but grandsons special birthday bash. Very interested in supporting this group and would appreciate contact email, 'phone contact or postal information. Have had highly successful ablation (2nd time around) and convinced that this is the way forward for people who experience AF. Believe there is a shortfall in statistical information in respect of ablation techniques and success rates. I am convinced that ablation is a better option for those patients who are considered suitable candidates for this procedure as opposed to long term medication. I would appreciate your comments.

  • I agree 100% Many EPs consider ablation should be done asap in paroxysmal AF as results are better than waiting till it goes permanent. If you go to message page you can send me a direct off forum message and I will give you contact details.



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