Hi everyone, I have a big question and I'm hoping for your knowledgable input. I have scheduled a Cryoablation for October 19. I was expecting to feel very nervous but I'm actually relieved I've made the decision.

My concern is, my daughter is recently engaged with a wedding scheduled for July1. There are parties and showers to also plan. I'm totally excited and want to be feeling my best. No one will understand this fear but all of you my forum friends. Will I feel strong and healthy and ready for the festivities or am I better off taking the risk that I will have an AFib attack the day of the wedding? Either way I know there are risks but am I pushing the envelope now to have the procedure before the wedding ? There are no guarantees in life but I need some opinions and some hugs, thanks for listening, Gracey

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  • JULY???? Of course if you really mean July wedding. You should be feeling a lot better by Christmas and fully recovered by next spring.

  • Hi Gracey. Lovely things to look forward to. I agree with will be completely fine for the big day!!!! :) i had an ablation in October 2014 and was very unwell after...not to dishearten you as my situation was unusual.... i was in hospital several times after it...and even at that...I was back in full time work as a nurse by February 2015 after believing I would never feel normal again. I still have daily AF and still live life to the full. That is a bad scenario cos i had other complications so stay positive as you are and enjoy recovery, new health and a wonderful wedding. And here is a big cyber hug your way:)) xxxxoooo

  • Gracey......if it's any help, I had a Cryoablation on the 5 July and with the EP's full approval, we are going to the States for an extended holiday in 10 days time......generally as long as you do nothing for week 1 and not much more by week 2, you can gradually get back to relative normality in a heavy lifting, gardening and building work, but washing and ironing is fine!!!! Seriously, you are right to be cautious, but you will be fine by Christmas as the infamous Bob has said......Happy wedding!!! John

  • Gracey,in 6 months the cryo should have taken hold. I felt better by the next week but doctor warned me about pushing the edge of the envelope.Told me to get back into doing what I was doing before gradually. I haven't had an afib episode since the cryo. With the afib out of the way they found out I have aflutter. So far it has been treatable with meds. Wishing you the best on your procedure

  • Thank you for your message. I also had flutter and had it ablated a few years ago, it was so easy and completely successful. There is mild sedation and it's quick , maybe you can consider , Gracey

  • Had my cryo ablation last October, and my son's wedding in July. Felt great, far better than if I hadn't been 'fixed'. Look forward to it all, there's a lot to be said for having something to look forward to.

  • I had a Cryoablation in Feb 2014 and was back at work two weeks later. At first I was having some sporadic episodes of AF but their frequency reduced and after about six months I was virtually free of them. If the procedure is successful you should be well recovered by July. All the best.

  • I had my cryoablation in December just gone. At 53 years young, I feel like a spring chicken again ! My advice would be to go for it, your health will be better and you will enjoy your special occassion to a greater degree. I understand you feeling relief that you have made the decision, I felt the same to. I can't describe how my quality of life has improved this year, and that was a short while following the procedure. I wish you lots of luck, and a lovely time at your daughters wedding.

  • Trust me you don't want the stress of a wedding without the cryro !! That will have you in and out of AF daily. You'll feel fine by Xmas.

  • Thanks everyone! I knew I would get honest responses from you all. I'm ready to jump in and take the chance that I can like many of you become Afib free and dance at my daughter's wedding! Gracey

  • I think this gives you a good amount of time to recover if there are any problems after. Also Depends how afflicted you are by af attack. As Long as you dont have much to do at the wedding, shouldnt worry to much about it. Just relax, sit and watch the celebrations. Best not to drink alcohol, but plenty of soft drinks are delicious. I never tell my family if I have an attack on an important day. Dont want them to worry. And hopefully it passes off eventually. Keep smiling and remember its not likely to kill you. Just a flipping nuisance.

    Hope the wedding plans go well 2 of my 3 daughters are married now and they did all the hard work and decision making. I went to the lovely bits like choosing the dress etc. Worst bit for me was getting my own outfit!!!


  • Thank you for your kind words. I think all of us Mothers dread the Mother of the Bride dress shopping ! Gracey

  • My husband is having cryoblation on Monday-he is apprehensive of course but after 17 cardioaversions this is the only option...hugs to you Gracey23.

  • How did your husband do with his procedure? Sending best wishes, Gracey

  • I wish your husband good luck on Monday, please let us know how it goes , hugs to you both, Gracey

  • So sorry for a delayed reply. The procedure went as well as could be expected and returned home the following day. The original after care plan re: meds was that they would wean off Bisoprolol to see if AF re-occurred however post procedure the EP decided to take him off Bisoprolol and put him straight onto Sotalol. Within a few days new 'heart hiccups' as we call them!...eventually leading to AF a week post procedure. Ugh oh here we go again we all thought! However once in A&E and swiftly I might add taken to CCU at our local hospital the original consultant suggested weaning off new drug and going back on Bisoprolol and no cardio aversion...24 hours later heart went into sinus (normal) rhythm ALL BY ITSELF!!! Woopety Waheh! That has never been the case in all other occasions of AF so we are feeling really positive that the Cryo-ablation has been a success!!!

  • Great news it went back by itself.

    Don't worry if cryo wasn't s success because touch up is quite common.

  • That is great news! Gracey

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