Ablation around the corner!

Well what a journey I've had this last 10 days!! Things have definitely started to look up since joining this forum and sharing my fears and worries with you all. My appointment with the registrar yesterday provided me with two options. The first to be cardioverted again and put on aminodrone and the second a referral for an ablation. I surprised myself as I didn't hesitate to opt for the ablation. Having read a lot of positive comments about this procedure from the forum my decision was easy. I have been told that there is a 60 - 65% success rate so I'm just gonna go for it. I reached rock bottom just before I found you all and feel I am now slowly climbing back up. Okay so if it doesn't work I'll deal with it but you can bet your bottom dollar I am going into this with a positive attitude. I've been take off sotalol amd am now back on bisoprolol and feel much better - it obviously suits me. My family and friends have noticed such a difference in me since joining this forum and reading all your healthcare stories. I now realise I am not alone and that in itself has made me feel sooooo much better.

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  • Well that sounds terrific! So happy that things are looking up and you have a game plan and you are so comfortable with your decision. All of us will be wishing you well, cheering for you along the way, and waiting to hear how you do. You are absolutely not alone and when you feel better, we feel better! Good Luck!

  • Thank you so much for your caring words. I see you have an exciting time ahead for you and your family over the next 3 weeks. I hope your daughter's wedding goes well and that the sun shines brightly for you all. Please take care and enjoy the day.

  • Never had these treatments either... yet! I like you would be much more confident now I have newly found network on here. I will watch out for your updates and news.

  • Good luck with the ablation. You are right, there is only a 60- 65% success rate with a first ablation but the success rate for a second ablation is much higher. My first one was unseccessful but the second one worked and I have been symptom free and off all meds, including the anticoagulants, for almost 5 years now.

    I know what it is like to have hit rock bottom, AF cost me my job and almost my life but trust me, there is hope - honestly. Take care and keep us posted xx

  • It is so encouraging to read this - so pleased for you and if the Consultant offers me this opportunity at my next appointment I will feel really much clearer after hearing about the treatment and experiences of the people on this Forum. It has helped me enormously and I am very grateful and will continue to keep in close touch with you all.


  • HI HWM (famous initials in motor racing those). As one who has had three ablations and AF free these last 41/2 years I agree wholeheartedly with you choice. Just a few words of warning which I never had the benefit of at first. Don't think (as I did ) that straight after the procedure you will be cured. It doesn't work that way. It takes three months for the scar tissue to form in the heart to block the rogue impulses so you will find that you get some odd arrhythmias in the first few weeks. DO NOT PANIC. This doesn't mean it hasn't worked.

    Please try not to overdo things in the first couple of weeks. My specialist nurse told me to do nothing for the first week and not much more for the second and that was good advice..You will find most likely that you will have some very colourful bruising in your groin where they put in the catheter and you can use that as a yard stick to your recovery. As it fades you can do a little more. Some people advocate getting back to normal as soon as possible. I tried that. Wasn't a good idea for me. We are all different but listen to your body and take it easy.

    You will have to be anticoagulated for about three months prior to the procedure usually and depending on your stroke risk for a period afterwards but this is no big deal. Stick to a regular diet and you shouldn't have much trouble staying in range.

    Ask any questions here and somebody will know the answer or check out the fact sheets on AFA main website.


  • It's great the difference in how you feel after getting some real info from people who have stood exactly where you do now ! Amazing how much extra info there is to be found so ,,,enjoy your day Grandma and all the best HMV for your future .

    keep us posted :D


  • As they say a problem shared is a problem halved. But share it with those who have been through that gate. I am so glad you are feeling brighter, and have made the right choice. Big Hug for being brave.

  • Hello HWM _- as an AF veteran going back 20 years,I would certainly say ' go for it '.The procedure was still in it's infancy when I was first diagnosed at 48 , 20 years ago, so I have been down a very varied drug route since. I am now 3weeks post my 3rd ablation & feel so much better after a pretty dreadful few months in & out of hospital.I have been cardioverted & put on Amiodarone ( & latterly Dronedarone ) & also at one stage had my drug changed from Sotalol to Bisop. which also suited me better -- but only a small dose .

    You may well be one of the fortunate ones who only need one ablation , just take it easy after the procedure & don't try to do too much .

    All the Best


  • I had my ablation 2 months ago and I am so glad that I did it. I still have irregular beats but that is normal. Like bob said it takes 3 months to heal. I feel 100% better than I did before the procedure. I am not tired anymore, no dizzy spells and NO rapid heartbeats. I was scared before going under, as anyone would but woke up with no pain. I did rest that first week after. I did nothing!!!! Thanks to my wonderful husband and 3 boys.. They helped so much. The following Tuesday I was back at work. Everyone heals at a different pace so take it easy and do listen to your body. I would do a 2nd ablation if it was necessary!!! I wish you the best of luck, and will be praying for you!!!! Keep us informed.


  • Hi, I'm so pleased for you, I hope all goes well. I, myself am going for my second ablation next month, I really hope this one works. All the best, we will all be thinking of you and hoping we can share in your success. This is a great site where you can get really good advice and info. As already said though, don't go overdoing it in the first week, take time to get back to normal activities. Hugs. X

  • H i. I have just had my 3rd ablation(1st for AF, 2nd for Flutter and the last one for AF again.) It is only 12 days since the last one. I am still very nervous about if it will work. Time will tell!!

  • Thanks for all your lovely and informative comments everyone and the tip from BobD about experiencing some odd beats for some months following an ablation. All your experiences paint a very positive picture and enable me to understand that it can take a number of goes before being successful. I am a very nervous patient and got myself into a bit of a pickle before my angiogram and cardioversion. Following these two procedures I wondered why I got myself into such a state!! I know I'll be the same for this one which probably won't happen for a while as I understand the NHS waiting time is fairly long. Can anyone tell me if you are awake during the procedure or heavily sedated? I ask because Naomi you mentioned in your reply about when you woke up?? Thanks again for all your advice and support everyone and hugs to you all - Heather x

  • I was so heavily sedated that I don't remember much about the procedure but I found out later that it could also have been done under GA too.

  • I was out. I had a TEE procedure 1st to make sure there weren't any clots then I woke up during the procedure. The nurse was right by my side. I asked off the TEE went well and she said yes perfect then I asked when will they be doing the ablation and she said they were already at my heart. Lets just say I was awake but VERY relaxed. I don't remember much just that. They said they had to awaken me to get my heart racing so I could tell them if that was what I was feeling. Before I knew it I was in recovery looking at my husband. So in all I remember bits and pieces but not the whole procedure. Hope it's a smooth one for u as well.

  • I had an ablation 2 1/2 months ago, after some initial irregularities and ectopics, have now settled down nicely and am completely free of a fib for last month, heart rate is now back to normal. I have never felt better, if this continues for another 2 weeks I will finally be off all anticoags and drugs, looking forward to that. Cheers to you and I wish you all the best, you have made the right decision.

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