Ablation completed :)

Hi all. So I summoned up the courage and had a PVI ablation yesterday. Home now and am pleasantly surprised at how well I have recovered. I was not at all well immediately after my last ablation in 2014 so I am really pleasantly surprised. Had a really comfortable and sinus overnight in hospital but today after lunch had a 4 hour episode with repeated pauses which made me feel like I was going to faint. It has passed. My heart feels a little 'wobbly' even if I just walk into the next room. But u guess it is early days. Any ease of symptoms would be a blessing so here's hoping. I took a break from the forum coming up to the ablation as I was becoming too anxious so tried not to focus on it all too much. It is nice to be back and read success stories and see familiar names :) xxx PS. Finvola.. You were right.. What an amazing and compassionate bunch of medics and nurses in RVH xx

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  • Hello Vony - I was thinking about you the other day. How wonderful to have it behind you and to be able to look forward to better times.

    Remember to rest, rest and rest!

    I'm so glad you found the RVH staff as great as I did - superb people and cracking skills.

    Lovely to hear from you again. Stay well. xxx

  • P0rtnahapp1e how are you keeping? Xxx

  • Hey Vony

    Well done you it's never easy going in for the second when the first wasn't good but I know it worked for me that way. Glad you are feeling well and optimistic - it's always good to hear from you. Take extra care and recover slowly. Xx

  • So delighted to hear from you Jo. I thought about your second experience as a bit of a mantra actually and you were right. They are more equipped with knowledge the second time. Hope you are enjoying continued good health and a peaceful heart. I feel hopeful I will be joining you soon:) I read another nice quote before I went in which said 'everything you want is on the other side of fear'.. Here's hoping :) xxx

  • Hi Vony - wishing you all the best for your recovery.

    CD x

  • Hi Vony well done. Don't forget, TV remote only for this week and next you can make yourself a cup of tea if you are very good. Try not to worry about little blips as they will pass.


  • Hello Vony, was about to ask where you had it done and then I saw rvh. Glad to hear of your good experience. I have my cardioversion at city hospital next Thursday but hope my ablation will be at rvh x

  • As far as I know catheter ablations are only done in RVH. You will be in great hands :)

  • Good luck Vony you deserve some good luck x

  • Thank you so much. That is really lovely. How are you keeping? X

  • I get a Wee episode once every 5-6 weeks but it never goes above 100 bpm so I can't complain lol 😂

  • Wishing you well

  • Thank you so much :) 😘

  • hope your recovery continues to be good

  • Excellent news Vony, onwards and upwards now. X

  • Good news, hope it continues 💟

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