Amiodarone and Ablation

Seen E P in March said i would like a Ablation for my A F, He said take Amiodarone first as it can put you your heart back in normal rytham, been on it for 8 months and on list for Ablation as still in A F,I know about the side affects of the drug, as Doctor said Thyroid glands up or down not sure which one and spend most of night dreaming, feel so much better since been on it, not sure if i need Ablation now, but if i come off it will i feel worse again. Any one in same boat as me,

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  • My experience of Amiodarone was that it's not a permanent solution - eventually the side effects become too serious.

    So maybe ablation is a better long term solution.

    Alternatively you could ask your EP about Dronedarone

    I share your dilemma


  • I have been put on Amioderone 2 months after my last ablation at the end of July as I slipped back into AF and tachycardia. Must say was not happy taking it due to reported side effects although apart from one AF episode a couple of days ago it seems to be keeping me in NSR at the moment. I have an appointment on Tuesday at Harefield hospital to discuss this decision. I know it is sometimes prescribed before ablation as it has a better chance of success if taken, I don't know why this should be. It is not a cure and I feel you will probably slip back to where you were if you stop taking it (just my opinion, not medically trained). Good luck with your decision.


  • I have been on Amiodarone since the end of July and then had an ablation on the 11th August. I went privately because the success rate would have been lower if my Afib progressed to persistent Afib as all Afib do but at different rates. I was having Afib every day before I took Amiodarone. Amiodarone gave me peace after the 2nd week. I read about an ablation for persistent Afib where patients took Amiodarone three weeks before ablation and three months post ablation. Most were free of Afib for a year.

    My Consultant said one is likely to be safe when on Amiodarone for about 9 months. I think I read in AFA Book one can take it for 12 months. So it should only be used for a short period because of its toxicity.

    In all the jargon I have read Ablation is the best form of treatment. My reputable EP also told me that Ablation is the best form of treatment. I had cryoablation.

    If you have PAF the ablation is likely to be up to 80%. You may need another one which will push the success rate up to 90%. If you have other bad health issues then you may need another ablation.

    My EP said that he has had success with persistent Afib but failed on two because they had been suffering from persistent Afib for a long time. All Patients with PAF had successful ablation carried out by him. The more an EP has performed such operations the more likely he and the patient is likely to have a successful outcome.

    I know how you feel but Amiodarone is not the answer.

  • This is more up to date and may give you hope. Ablation is much safer now than it was.

    The first link is Professor Richard Shillings lecture on Ablation. The second has hits on other lectures.

  • The last link was a mistake, i.e. I think you will find the lecture very helpful.

    Here is the second link which I meant to have posted after the above shown video.

  • It appears that there is no cure but many have long-term success ablations which is considered as a cure. So many years of peace!

  • It was in the Care AF Folder, which you can get from the AFA, where I read, "Amiodarone is not usually recommended to be taken for more than 12 months.

    Here endeth the Lecture!

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