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Ablation this Wednesday

Well the big day draws near! I have my 2nd ablation booked for this Wednesday. I go in tomorrow afternoon after I've checked that they have a bed vacant for me. I'm quite excited about it giving me the chance to be 'normal' again and not to have to take any tablets. I felt so much better after my first ablation. My heart used to jump around in my chest and hammer away if I walked uphill, but I wasn't aware that other peoples hearts didn't do that. My first ablation cured this problem completely.

After Grandma's post on a method of breathing to relax I've been giving a lot of thought about holding tension in my heart. I think that's what I do and now if I'm aware of the tension there I do some deep breaths and drop my shoulders. I've gone two weeks now without any AF attacks, could just be a fluke but I prefer to think positive. Thank you for the tip Grandma.

I note on here that with a lot of people their blood pressure drops when they have an AF attack, well mine goes up. Does this happen to anyone else?

Keep me in your thoughts this Wednesday.



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Jean, Will be praying for your procedure on Wednesday. About your BP... I know may who have an increase in BP. Mine would do both. One minute it would be bottomed out and then 5 minutes later it hit the roof. I think, due to the irregular rhythm, it just depends on whether the heart is in or out of sync at the moment the BP is taken.

This may be all over in a few days.... Make sure you let us know how it went.



Jean, we will absolutely be holding you in our thoughts and prayers on Wednesday. We'll be anxious to hear how it all went and more importantly how well it works for you. I'm so glad you are able to find some decrease in tension from the breathing exercises. We are all here to help each other. Thinking positive is always helpful and we are sending positive energy your way. My BP also is up when I am having an episode of AF. Only once did it bottom out and that is because I took an extra beta blocker to bring down the rate.

Take care and be well. Wishing you the best possible outcome.


Good luck Jean

Mine is on Friday and like you I am hoping for good results


Good luck for today Jean, you will be in my thoughts. Your post is really inspiring. Like you my BP sky rockets during an AF episode.

Parasteward, Good luck too for Friday, will be thinking of you. Take care.

All our positive thoughts are with you both.




Good luck to you both. Like Tim my blood pressure can go upa nd down when I was having an attack, depsite the fact that I am on blood pressure pills anyway.




All the best for tomorrow Jean! I am now over 2months post my 3rd ablation & don't need to take any more AF drugs ( still on Warfarin of course but that's OK with me) . It's lovely to feel normal & not breathless. . My son got married on Sat. & I was dancing half the night -- my husband couldn't believe it .

By the way my blood pressure always rose when I was in AF

Best Wishes



Good luck, take it easy afterwards and make sure you are pampered.

Keep us posted.



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