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Six months post ablation


As it has now been six months since my ablation I thought I would post an update.

AF is as we all know is absolutely awful and when you are in the middle of suffering from it it just feels like a very dark corridor with no light at the end. So when a consultant offers us the ablation it becomes the beacon that we have all been looking for. When we have the ablation our heart will miraculously heal and we can start to live life again.

Recovery is a very long process and for me the ablation didn't go well and the following week I was back in hospital for a cardioversion which didn't go well and I ended up on amiodarone to put my heart back into NSR. For me those were very dark days as I had set such hope on being well following the ablation. But the amiodarone worked and after a few weeks I was back in NSR. I had to stay on it for about four months but since stopping the medication my heart has stayed in NSR.

However I do find that six months on I still have to be careful in what I do and I learnt a valuable lesson when I carried a 50 litre bag of compost in and out of my car and around my garden planting trees! I felt really ill for a few days afterwards.

But what I want to share with you is that six months on I am feeling better than I ever thought possible. I know my heart is still fragile and I no longer carry heavy things and when my body doesn't 'feel right' I make sure I rest. I also knew I was really recovering when I was running with my six year old granddaughter and she turned to me and said "You are healthy Nana". Now that really brought joy to my battered heart.

So what I am trying to say to you is that there really is light at the end of that long dark tunnel. It may take some time to reach it and I believe it is imperative to stay positive throughout the journey as difficult as it is. But it does get better, just hang on in there.

All will be well.

Gloria x

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What a lovely, positive post! Great to hear that you've reached the end of the tunnel :-)


Inspirational post Gloria. Thank you.

I'm glad to hear that all is well Gloria. Long may that continue. Was in your town yesterday with a friend. Love it there and as for the artisan bread shop, wow the olive bread!!!

Jean x

Thank Jean. Yes that artisan brad shop is something else! You must also try the Fish Deli they make amazing things with fish xx

Great post Gloria, clearly you experienced some tough times so it's fanbloomintastic to hear that things are so much better now .......thank you for letting us know and long may it continue, best wishes, John

So nice to hear a positive outcome and post, best wishes for the future.


Thank you so much for your post. I am 12 days after my ablation and am grateful for others sharing their experiences with recovery.


I just read your post. I am thee weeks post my ablation that I have just two days ago had to have a Cardioversion and have been put on Amiodrone so a similar story. Your post is helping me to feel more positive about the eventual outcome. Thank you.

Yes it certainly sounds very similar. I am sure the amiodarone will do the trick, just try and go with it. You will come out the other side. I am so very glad that my post is helping.

With all best wishes for your recovery.


Lovely post, and the replies, as shown by the likes. May you continue to feel better. Dave x

Awesome You are an inspiration for me and I am sure others

Thank you so much Cupcakes. It has been and continues to be a bit of a journey but staying positive really helps.

Hi Gloria,

I too had my ablation 6 months ago after suffering from paroxymal AF for 3 years. I was in and out of A&E many times and thought I would never get better. After the ablation I suffered continuously from migraine for 3 weeks and then had an ocular TIA. My GP Sent me straight to hospital. My sight returned after a short while but the whole experience was terrifying. However 6 months on and I have only had one episode of irregular heart rate which only lasted for 15 minutes. I feel so much better. I am only taking anticoagulant and atorvastatin now instead of a cocktail of different meds. There is light at the end of the tunnel after all and I wish all you sufferers a bright future.

Jenna. X

Hi Jenna.

I’m 7-months post Ablation and had my first episode during the night. I took Flecanide for the first time. Have you had any more or was the 15mins a one off?

Hi Lou. I've been fine since thankfully. I noticed that my bpm is around 80 now where it used to be 65 but I am no longer on beta blockers or any other heart meds so its not really a problem as I feel well. It can go up to around 105 when I'm doing housework but my EP didn't seem concerned so that's reassuring. I only take anti coagulants now and statins. It has been 11 months since my ablation and it really has changed my life. I hope you continue to feel well too. All the best. Jenna.

Thanks for the reply. I’m hoping mine was a blip but am seeing my EP tomorrow

Good luck. Hope all goes well for you.

I am now a year down the line and still dont feel completely right at times. But heart rate quite stable most of the the time at between 60-70 Bpm but if if it does kick off and heart rate goes upto around 80 Bpm I just take 25mg of Attenolol beta blocker per day which calms things down and I feel better.

I am 6 days post ablation-- I feel fine except for the damage to my jaw during procedure. I have had swollen jawline-- not able to eat only sloppy food on a teaspoon--- had jaw x rayed but nothing showing re being out of alignment. I was given co codamol for the pain but it sent me crazy! Paracetamol and rest seems to be having a result. The swelling is less but I am left with a dreadful taste in my mouth whenever I move my jaw a little-- any ideas? However-- if I have to put up with this for a healthy heart it's not such a huge problem!

in reply to ps67

I am sorry you are having such trouble with your jaw. It is good to know that the swelling has gone down. I just hope that with rest your improvement continues. Apart from homeopathic remedies for swelling I am afraid there is nothing I can suggest. But others on this forum may have some good suggestions for you.

Take care.

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Thank you--- it is getting better every day

Very well written!

Lovely to read good comments.. I’m 2 weeks post ablation and still in NSR ..I am on amioderone until my next appt in 3 months time..I hate the tablet and just want to get off it ASAP but if this works it will be worth it. I’m doing ok just tired and resting more than usual..

So glad your well.

Best wishes


I was put on Amioderone and it really did put me back into NSR so was worth taking for a short while. Like you I hated being on it but it was worth it in the long run so try and just go with it.

I have to go back for an RF ablation next month and am keeping everything crossed that it goes well.

Take care of yourself and make sure you listen to your body and rest whenever you can.

Best wishes


Thank you!!!!

I am 12 months post ablation and feel suddenly liberated! I’ve come off brisobal tabs and feel so much better!! It was a long hard road. I was always tired and began to think this was how my life would be! But it passes ... Hang on in there.. It gets better!

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