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Can someone tell me if it's safe to have my cats around after having an infusion of Pluvicto? Nobody seems to be able to answer this one.

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based on my 2nd treatment on Wednesday my MO advised to isolate for 3 days from the family and pets. I have 2 dogs.

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Daddyishealing in reply to db1966

Can any family be in the room with you those first three days to keep company or help walk if necessary and is there any garb that could help to protect from the radiation

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Fightinghard in reply to Daddyishealing

yes but try to stay at least 6’ apart as much as you can. Isolation and seperate bed is the best. The radiation emission is very short range. As far as helping the person, think time/exposure. Shorter time means less exposure. Be sure to wash hands frequently and avoid any direct contact with any waste (urine etc) for a week at least. Have the patient shower daily to rinse any material off skin.

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I've given up trying to keep my cat away. He's my emotional support animal by default. As soon as he senses any emotional distress with me, he zooms over to snuggle. That's been a lot lately.

They aren't getting much of a dose so I wouldn't worry too much. I wouldn't the keep a cat in my lap for long periods of time. It would take about a hour of holding your cat to get the equivalant of one chest x-ray. The principal is ALARA: As Low as Reasonably Achievable.

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robert570 in reply to EdBacon

Thanks, because I have a cat too and she's my rock and very special to me. She won't leave me alone. That's why I posted the question.

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EdBacon in reply to robert570

Same with me and my cat. I could mention his name and no matter where he is in house, he will come right over.

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In Germany, after 72 hours in the hospital they let you free in the world to do whatever you want.

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Interesting. We were told that the animals were ok. Something about them having a shorter lifespan and not having to live so long with the exposure making mutation risk less. 🤷‍♀️ We fostered cats and he did not quarantine from them.

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Mayo told my husband it was totally fine to be around our tiny dog. She even slept with us but I tried to keep her a little closer to me.

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We were told to keep our dog 3 feet away for the first 72 hours. No licking and minimal exposure. A few pats would be ok. When asked about her age (14), the tech said her life expectancy probably precluded her from long term effects-that cancers take about 10 years to develop. We still have been cautious. (She doesn’t understand why she doesn’t get lap time)

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Me and my, cat Dindu Nuffin want to know where you got the Pluvicto...

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robert570 in reply to Seebs9

Cleveland, Ohio

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interesting answers. The RO I consulted with for the Pluvicto said separate bedroom/bathroom for 72 hours and avoid pets as much as you can.

Tho, if I recall correctly, these guidelines only came out after Novartis bought the rights to Pluvicto from the company that created it. The distancing thing was from them. As a side, he was part of the VISION Trial here in NM.

Which brings me to pee. Has anyone who’s had this treatment used a black light on their pee stream in a dark bathroom to see if it glows? 🤣😂

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EdBacon in reply to BrianF505

Unfortunately, your pee won't glow with Pluvicto. The radiation that escapes your body is gamma rays which are well above the visible light spectrum. There's also nothing that fluoresces under blacklight. You might find a scorpion if you live in the desert, they do glow under blacklight.

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BrianF505 in reply to EdBacon

Damn. I was so hoping so I could post a vid on Facebook. 🤣😂

Yep, I knew about the scorpions and there are (apparently) other things that glow under black lights out in the desert. One of these days I’m going to have to actually get one to have for our desert shenanigans.

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EdBacon in reply to BrianF505

I'm disappointed that when the technician measured my dose rate with the Gieger Counter, they didn't turn on the sound. I really like the sound of a Geiger Counter when it closes in on the radiation source.

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BrianF505 in reply to EdBacon


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SeosamhM in reply to EdBacon

Ha! You are so right! After my second infusion I made the radiation safety tech go get her regular geiger counter. That spattering and crackling sound I generated was certainly a silly pleasure!

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monte1111 in reply to BrianF505

My pee already glows. And I don't need a black light.

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Given that radiation mainly affects fast growing cells, I would certainly keep any kittens or young pets away for a week or so. For safety’s sake I’d keep all pets away for any prolonged period for the first 72 hours. Short, infrequent periods of petting (5 or 10 minutes) should be fine at any time.

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Daddyishealing in reply to Chask

For care takers and daughters can I go near my dad after as long as I stat a certain distance ? What's the basic rule and how much exposure am I getting in a two minute hug or to just be near to bring food or sit in the same room bc his wife is so worried about herself I'd like to take over m I do have health issues ,but I don't want him alone 72 hours . Does anyone stay in hospital those 72 hours or all go home . Any caretaker please weigh in bc if my dad gets his treatment I want to e near him but is there some type of suit you must wear or what is best to make him feel less alone and loved but everyone be safe bc he does t deserve to be treated like a leper . I wish people realized the med system runs so many unnec x-rays for money .. to try to run from that but not humans that need us .

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Zengal79 in reply to Daddyishealing


6 foot distance and use separate bathroom facilities if possible for 72 hours. There is no need to stay in the hospital. I drove my guy home from hospital and he sat in back seat. This was allowed. Best wishes to your father.

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I ate the cat...........

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 03/18/2023 9:12 PM DST

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You are not going to hurt your cat ,but you might want to just wait three days bf you cuddle and all. That's what I assume from what I read ,it's more about secretions and urine being away from others than anything else ,but if your cat is what you feel helps you don't deny yourself creature comfort . IMHO 0please update on how treatment is going bc my dad will be starting in May. Our system had an issue and all our pca patients got pushed back two months . It's good to hear you have access . Go kick some pca booty and love to your furry kitties . I def would not stay away from the animals past three days mark .

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Safe for you. Not so safe for cat. Sorry but best to avoid close contact for several days.

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