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psma scan florida - not much confidence in current MO

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My dad met with the MO today and was told radiation and hormone therapy. He was also sent for a pet scan, my mom brought up the psma scan and he said yeah that could be a good scan but he needs the pet scan and dismissed her. I’m going to look around to switching over to moffit or dr alemany here in Orlando. However do any of you know of a psma scan center in central Florida? I see a center in south Florida. I feel so overwhelmed on the next step, doctor, or test. Thank you all.

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Thank you! Very interesting that the competitor hospital is where it’s located. I hope that wasn’t a factor in his dismissal.

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It may just be that he has experienced too many denials from insurance. Mine required rising PSA and regular CT and pet scans before they would OK a more advanced scan... Cost them more to get all 3 but it was their dime.

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Just got further clarification, he told my parents that that was only available in California… not much confidence in this MO

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I've used Partners Imaging 3 times and they are outstanding. Might be going back again very soon.

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One type of PSMA scan is only available in Ca. It seems like from his comments that he isn't up to snuff on the Pylarify. In his defense perhaps he knows about Pylarify but thought that you were referring to the older PSMA scan.

But it would be my expectation that my MO would ask me questions and discuss options.

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He is a general oncologist (my term as he treats many types of cancer) we switched to Dr. Chahoud at Moffitt and it was like night and day. Spends most of his time researching which is a plus. I couldn’t imagine being on top of every new treatment for many forms of cancer. But that’s not acceptable as a patient and their family.

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I'm glad you found a good fit!

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