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Turkey Tail Mushrooms destroying PC?

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I recently watched the movie, Fantastic Fungus.

It is a great show and on Netflix right now!

Anyway Paul Stamets’ mother had stage 4 breast cancer and she did chemo coupled with four Turkey Tail mushroom capsules in the morning and four Turkey Tail mushroom capsules at night. The cancer is no longer detectable.

I am trying to get my Dad to try Turkey Tail mushrooms. I figure it is definitely worth a shot!

Afterall, taxotere is a tree bark and radio active comes from rock. Nature provides agents that kill cancer. Fungus gave us antibiotics. Fungus breaks things down for food. It makes sense that Turkey Tail mushrooms engage the immune system and break down cancer.

Does anyone have anything to add or experience with Turkey Tail mushrooms?



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I avoid Stamets' products since it I believe that they are merely powdered dried mushroom. No mention of extraction method(s) used - since Stamets doesn't seem to think it's worthwhile. Hopefully, someone will correct me if I am incorrect.


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spencoid2 in reply to pjoshea13

I agree. When I was doing radiation I wanted to take turkey tail supplements to boost immune system. I ended up getting extracted turkey tail from Oriveda. Paul Stamets was co-opted by profiteering industry. His products are mostly ground up fruiting bodies and are not standardized in any way. In my opinion they are worthless. At the time I explored his web site carefully he actually did offer some extracted products but not standardized or tested and sort of suggested that these were better than the other garbage. I don't believe the site contains that information now. I believe his products are basically worthless. I could harvest my own mushrooms if i wanted somthing worthless and in fact did but never used them when i discovered their worthlessness.

You can buy Oriveda again through a US distributor and in Europe directly. I am taking one of the mixed mushroom products in addition to conventional treatments.

No thank you. I would trust conventional treatments for my metastatic prostate cancer.

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Kcski in reply to dac500

I do trust conventional treatments from MDs. I also am open to natural medicines that work. I am looking for someone with experience or knowledge on the matter to respond.

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Currumpaw in reply to dac500

Hey dac500,

I believe that since the 80's, conventional treatment in Japan, for patients receiving chemo includes prescribing polysaccharide K, PSK, or Turkey Tail mushroom. Info on the net. The Japanese have found that the PSK helps preserve the patient's immune system when under assault from the chemo.


Medicinal Mushrooms (PDQ®)–Health Professional Version ...




Netflix is for entertainment.

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Kcski in reply to CAMPSOUPS

It is not so black and white to me. I have learned and gained knowledge from Netflix shows. I believe if you are open to knowledge and wisdom you can find it from reading, talking to people, watching shows, doctors, professors, through nature etc. IMHO it is there for the taking/receiving if one has an open heart and mind. I understand from a media perspective one has to be able to decider fact from fiction and propaganda from authentic.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to Kcski

My family and friends are going to be disappointed when they discover that the real me is not open to gaining knowledge and wisdom and I don't have an open heart and mind. I wish someone would have pointed this out to me a long time ago. Hmmm.

I have been taking a turkey tail extract for about 3 years along with eating mushrooms regularly. Mushrooms, particularly turkey tails, contain beta glucans, which are a sugar that has been shown to have cancer fighting properties. Do I think turkey tails alone will stop my cancer? No. But I do think they can possibly help. I take other supplements that might also help so I complement my conventional treatments, which I fully believe in, with these natural alternatives. Every little bit helps.

I love mushrooms. I have been eating an abundance of types almost everyday including Turkey Tail since I was exposed to them 40 some years ago in Japan. They are delicious.They didn't apparently prevent my metastatic prostate cancer though nor do I think they will destroy it as the poster has posted with a question mark.

If I can give my two cents (I'll give it anyway... :), I think that SOC treatments have the most data backing them and therefore they make a large part of my treatment plans.I do believe that the SOC treatments can be improved upon (e.g. low dose estrogen patches added to conventional ADT, or high dose estrogen patches INSTEAD of conventional ADT. Today I'm doing bipolar androgen therapy but using SARMs and Casodex to hopefully improve my results).

And complimentary herbs, spices, mushrooms, supplements, repurposed drugs, etc form a part of my support system. I don't think that an herb is going to completely eradicate my cancer but perhaps something will help or help my sleep or cholesterol...

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Karmaji in reply to RSH1

Very basis of treatment is integrative therapy...First tested medical therapies..

Then equally important...

Nutrition...Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food....Hippocrate.

Intermittent fasting..16/8 I go for...keep BMI low ??

No sugar, low carbs, omega 3, MCT C8 etc..., no industrial diary

Exercise in the forest.....

Mindfulness and keep laughing.....

Supplements....as our diet lacks minerals due to industrial farming

I do believe that thru integrative approach, we can reclaim good quality of life

We have very knowable members on these items.....Thanks to them.....

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RSH1 in reply to Karmaji

Exercise appears to be critical.

Sometimes we lose sight of living life. I make it a point to see friends, go to cabins and hike, and watch football games with friends. Life. If you hate your life, change it!

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mrscruffy in reply to Karmaji

Karmaji, how many hours do you do on your fast?

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Karmaji in reply to mrscruffy

I fast from 7 pm to 12 amMorning I take coffee, nuts, one spoon of C8 mct and one spoon of omega 3

no sugar low carb veg....wine

very easy...

some people who work whole day

take breakfast 7 am and lunch at 14h00

Then skip supper...so they may go 16 to 18 hrs.....

Thus burn all toxins and switch to ketosis...a must for brain and other things....as cancer cells are gluttons..they get eliminated by fasting

Easy lifestyle and no money needed

once a while I do 24 hrs water fasting...

no set rules...adapted to each person

stay away from dogmatic diet gurus

who simply sell their stuff under sheep clothing

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EdBar in reply to RSH1

How is BAT going for you?


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RSH1 in reply to EdBar

Too early to tell.

My 6 months of estrogen patch ADT followed by 2 years of high Testosterone worked great. Beat all predictions handily.

If BAT works or not I'll post the results in 6 months or so.

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EdBar in reply to RSH1

Thanks, I recently became MCRPC after several years of being undetectable. My MO, Dr. Sartor said I would be a candidate for BAT, he’s got a lot of experience with it. My PSA is still extremely low, but I’m looking at options for down the road.


Having the luxury of time to wait is not available to many of us.

That’s true. Don’t have the luxury of time.

That’s why I won’t spend it watching films produced to tug at the heart strings and emotions of mostly people who don’t have cancer and which pull the occasional desperate cancer patient into false hope.

Sure, you can do what you like (however supplements you should be very educated about as some can harm, real food not a problem) but the premise that these methods will destroy cancer. Or the premise that chemo by itself has no benefit, that a supplement must be added to it otherwise you wont ever have success is bogus.

Completely agree with you.

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dhccpa in reply to fireandice123


Seems like you have a strong negative reaction to Turkey Tail mushrooms. That is ok. I just want to gather information from those people that have actually used the mushrooms. I like to talk about what others have experienced etc.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to Kcski

Sincerely from my heart I hope your father has and continues to have the best care available.Its more than kind of you to care for him. To look out for him.

I hope the experience doesn't lead you down too many rabbit holes with blinders to the best treatments available.

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dhccpa in reply to Kcski

Keep asking your questions. I use 4-5 types of mushroom powder daily, and I eat fresh white button mushrooms several times per week. I also do SOC at same time. I use re-purposed drugs and supplements, too. And I'm on ADT for three years now.

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mtnwife in reply to Kcski

I'm a big mushroom proponent too, but this is the wrong crowd to find mycologically minded individuals! Here is the story about Paul Stamets' 84 year old mom with Stage 4 cancer:

"Her prognosis was dire and was given months to live. Her oncologist agreed that she should try turkey tail. Paul’s mother was part of a group of 50 women with breast cancer who took Herceptin, a chemo drug, to hopefully extend their lives. All but two of the women died. Only Mrs. Stamets took turkey tail. The fate of the other woman is not known. Paul’s mother fully recovered from breast cancer and passed away earlier this year at the age of 93."

Mushrooms are neither plant nor animal which makes them unique. I couldn't find any prostate trials but there are plenty of trials showing turkey tail benefit for other cancers. Here is a link to give an overview of benefits:


Personally, I'd try to get 100% dried turkey tail as this year was phenomenal for mushroom hunting in many parts of the country. Depending on where you live, you might also find tinctures. If you can't find anything locally, Host Defense will likely benefit your dad and certainly won't harm him.

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Stevecavill in reply to mtnwife

Sorry, that level of evidence is laughable. All died except the one who took turkey tail. therefore the turkey tail was the cure. You simply cannot make that assumption on a tiny sample. What were the other confounding factors? Was the trial randomised? Well, obviously not, as only 2 took it, and the fate of the other is unknown.

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mtnwife in reply to Stevecavill

You may have taken my post for more than it was intended. I filled in more details of the OP's initial post and gave a professional link to the medicinal benefits of mushrooms intended for doctors.I wasn't trying to make the case that Paul Stamets' mom was saved by turkey tail. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn't. But if she is the last one standing for her type of cancer and the only one who took turkey tail, you can bet I'm going to make sure my husband has some. Plus, I like foraging and know alot about them. They are fascinating, as kcski says in her original post about the movie Fantastic Fungi.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to mtnwife

As Stevecavill noted that level of evidence is laughable.It doesn't even fly as measly anecdotal evidence.

Again eat mushrooms if you like. I do. They taste good however did nothing to prevent my full blown 1600 PSA, metastatic cancer.

Promote them in some way other than claiming they will cure or destroy cancer!

I just like mushrooms and I’m now interested in how they taste. Our public market just got a mushroom vendor and I’ve been trying different kinds. Low carb and fat, usually delicious. If I eat it to maintain good health then yeah, it helps quality of life and fights PCA.

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Lulu700 in reply to Saville

We also have a shroom vendor at the farmers market. A wide array !😊

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to Lulu700

Now that I think of it my mushroom love started while for a time as a kid we lived where we would hunt and collect Morel mushrooms and my mom would fix up the harvest.Out of this world. I've noticed dried Morel's in the stores are priced like gold lol.

I am a strong supporter of Stamets and mushrooms. I take Turkey Tail, Agaricus Blazei, Lion's Mane, and Cordyceps and will continue to do so.

hi Kcski ... i have both an oncologist and a naturopath ... one of my natural supplements is Reishi Mushrooms ... i encourage you to checkout ... chrisbeatcancer.com/about/ ... best wishes ... Nous :)

I've taken these mushrooms for a while. I'm almost 10 years out with stage 4, M1, prostate cancer. I also take Lupron and Xtandi. I design my own stuff with empty capsules. The doctor told me they're just going make me fart.

Why don’t you get your Dad to try chemo, seeing as that is what probably destroyed the cancer in the patient on the TV show

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Kcski in reply to Stevecavill

He has done chemo. With fantastic results!

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Stevecavill in reply to Kcski

Great to hear. Well then I imagine the turkey tail can’t do any harm except to your hip pocket 😊

I eat natural non powdered non hydrated shitaki mushrooms regularly. I hope they work in harmony with my wfpb diet.

Currently using them as tincture ,appears to help reduce PSA - kindest Raoul

Obviously always with conventional treatments !

so here is my 2 cents worth I believe that nature will provide treatments and cures - we just don't recognize them or haven't found them yet - think of penicillin and how that changed the world.

I also believe in and use western medicine and for me the best approach is that they are complimentary.

I don't feel comfortable with people and doctors who declare themselves firmly and absolutely in one camp or the other and are completely dismissive of the other - though that is very common in so many things: Religion, Sexuality, Politics, Medicine.

I believe that there will be a cure for prostate cancer - one day. I wonder if I will see it. I bet a lot of people will be surprised at what it will be.

Best to all.

Enjoy each day and that little - or big - slice of joy that exists for you


Real Mushrooms has a powder that dilutes well in hot liquids. My lady friend found a study that this helps. She recently shared soursop as well and a study. I will ask her for references. Worth a try when combined with food eliminations that increase the process.

For me..... it's Turkey Hill ice cream... chocolate chip (two scoops)...


About Turkey Hill Dairy LLC

Located in the heart of farm-rich Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Turkey Hill Dairy, founded in 1931, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of branded ice cream and refrigerated drinks for the retail, food service, and alternative channels, both nationwide and internationally. In 2019, the Dairy made the switch to 100 percent renewable energy, drawing clean, sustainable power from nearby hydroelectric dams and two wind turbines. For more information about Turkey Hill, its products and its environmental commitment, visit TurkeyHill.com or follow Turkey Hill Dairy on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or the Turkey Hill Nation.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 10/02/2021 8:36 PM DST

My husband and I enjoyed the Netflix film. We do eat a lot of variety of organic mushrooms. For some time we bought turkey tail incl from Stammet's brand. We then found wild turkey tail mushrooms locally and have made our own extract. We are trying to give my husband as diverse a diet as possible and finding the wild mushrooms meant that we can save on the purchase of the mushrooms. We still buy chaga and make a drink with them in the slow cooker - an excellent substitute for drinking coffee, we find. Fresh mushrooms we buy include shiitake, chestnut, button and enochi. This is all in addition to the standard of care provided by the medical team. Some of our medical treatments did not do what they do for other people and the side effects (incl some long lasting) were certainly not worth the risks. But we still go to the doctor and take whatever without too many questions. Mushrooms have not caused any terrible side effects so we are happy to carry on consuming them. They have been part of Eastern medicine for a long time. Money making is not just exclusive to complementary medicine, the standard Pharma industry is there for making vast profits too. We have to try everything so that we have no regrets.

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