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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Likely final posting

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A few days ago posted was entering hospice, below is a letter sent to friends and family. In my situation looks PC will not be fatal, but another disease. In my situation there is no medical cure but only the peace the Lord can, has, and will provide. Please no judgements or 'fixit" ideas, instead pray for the Lords intervention.

June 7, 2021

Journal entry by Mary XXXX — 17 hours ag0

Dear Faithful Family and Friends,

After seeking wise counsel, Steve was admitted to hospice locally on May 21st due to limited further medical treatment options. While Steve is trusting in the Lord’s perfect will and plan for his life, he continues to decline physically. Again, we would appreciate your steadfast prayers and continued support.

Steve has been diagnosed with four major physical diseases: sarcoidosis including in the spinal cord, lungs and possibly his heart as well as MDS bone and prostate cancer and a herniated disc due to advanced scoliosis. The medical treatments alone have taken a huge toll on his system and breathing is very difficult.

Over the past six years Steve recalls many times where the Lord touched him in ways that could only be described as miraculous. He was transported from ID to University of Washington by ambulance for his rare sarcoid condition before medical specialists even knew the prognosis. He was parked in ICU for two weeks while they tried to figure out what ‘rare condition’ was plaguing him. He survived a very risky spinal surgery done on less than eight patients every year nationwide and his cancer treatments have placed him in the upper 2% of positive responses.

Thank you for walking with Steve and I over the past six years of medical challenges. We have faced many ups and downs during our journey, but a high point has been the love and friendship from friends and family as you have acted as “stretcher bearers” and interceded for Steve in sacrificial prayer.

We don’t know the future, but we know who does, our Lord and Savior Jesus. We continue to pray for the Lord’s healing touch and Steve’s focus is to endeavor to discern and follow the Lord’s will for his life each day.

While Steve is alert and conversant, he tires easily upon any exertion. Visits, while desirable, whether in person or on the phone are strenuous on him. He would welcome your texts, emails and short phone calls. Mary will facilitate scheduling in-person visits to limit his discomfort. Or, if you would like to leave an encouraging message on CaringBridge Steve always appreciates hearing from you. NOTE: Hospice recommended if you would like to communicate with him to avoid delay.

Scripture reminds us to pray without ceasing. We are thankful Lisa Crump, former National Day of Prayer Task Force Lead, CEO, and close personal friend for many years has agreed to lead us in a focused prayer call to seek the face of God for Steve.

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Beautiful letter! I hope and pray he is able to have some quality of life till the end.

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kenner in reply to Tall_Allen

I have no words that can even come close to giving comfort to you Steve other than you having thousands of Prostate Cancer Soldiers there that are praying for you. Rest easy.👍

Lots of love and admiration to you Steve.

His perfect will be done....I will pray for the Lords divine the end Steve will have an eternal joy and peace!!!...there is no better alternative anyone can offer in this world!!!

Steve, we wish you a peaceful journey. Your family needs to know your spirit will always be with them. You will be with them. We will all take this journey one day. You are loved. Our best to you and yours,



If you can pass on to Steve:

He will come to you in the silence

He will lift you from all your fears

You will hear His Voice

And claim you as His choice

Be still with eyes closed and know He is here

He is hope for all who may be lost

Your eyes will be able to see

In the shadow of the night

He will be your light

Come and rest in Him.

Baruch Hashem


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Stevemarr in reply to Nalakrats

Thanks for Healng words

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kenner in reply to Nalakrats

So beautifully Written .

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Nalakrats in reply to kenner

Thank you, but I wish that there was no need to do so--- but Faith will rule the Day.


I am so truly sorry.

Steve, I wish you a peaceful and painless exit from this world and be blessed by the will of the Lord for eternal happiness !

God bless, beautiful letter sending love SheilaFxxx

My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend - you’ve put up one heck of a fight - wishing you peace and an end to your suffering 🙏

Prayers and love, well done

🙏🙏🙏. Hope you are comfortable and know those around you. Never give up warrior 🙏🙏🙏

Do not give up. See this link

What a beautiful letter which is a wonder testament of your faith. With Stage IV prostate cancer and most often sarcoidosis are not curable I have told many people that as a spiritually reborn Christian I will be cured one day but my two feet most likely will not be resting on God’s green earth. A verse I have often prayed, even during the most difficult times has been “ And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me”. My wife and I are praying right now for you and your beloved for God’s peace, which passes all understanding, and may God’s merciful and graceful healing hand be upon Steve along with discernment and wisdom for the medical staff at all levels entrusted with his care, in Jesus precious name. May I humbly suggest two songs which I have listened to with patients in hospice by the Gaither Vocal Band called “He Is Here and I’ll pray for You”. And lastly I leave you with these words of the Apostle Paul in his letter to the believers in Thessalonica “ Now may the Lord of peace Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance. The Lord be with you all!”


Surrounded by caregivers and those who love him. Still reaching out with email and occasional short phone calls and visits. Buoyed by his faith and his acceptance of his situation. A life well lived and an example of how, in what may be a short time left, the time should be lived.

Steve is truly blessed to have you in his life. Do not forget to be good to yourself!


May the Peace of God be with you both!

Sending Lots of love and prayers

He is and clearly always has been beloved and held in the care and support of the Divine, his Lord. That cannot be touched by death, is undying and beyond suffering. This I believe: Life goes on in ever new forms. My prayer is to support you at this most difficult of times. 🙏❤️

A very written note....May the good Lord continue to watch over him and grant him comfort and painlessness. God bless

God's Speed Brother. Until we meet again on the other side. His Perfect Will be Done. Amen

What a beautiful testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus. May the grace of the Lord Jesus sustain you .

Peace to you both. Prayers are with you.

Thanks for sharing your poignant letter. Prayers flowing for you and your family.

Sending so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ To you both .

God Bless you brother!

Always hate to hear of another brother reaching the end.... I am at peace with my condition and one day ( when I pass) I will have no more pain. Looking forward to meeting Steve up above when I pass. See you soon in God's time, love you brother.

The courage it takes to share every kind of news with this community is impressive. Wishing you happy moments despite everything.

The lord will walk with him, and welcome him with open arms. I am a nurse, and my patients that have come back, and there have been many, have said it was beautiful, and they felt at peace, and had no pain. Trust that he is going to a better place. I will continue to pray for you, the ones left behind.

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Lulu700 in reply to Crystalf2000


My prayers go out to you Steve. God Bless you and your family🙏🏻

In prayer for Steve🙏

I am praying for Steve and you. Amen.

Praying that Steve is comfortable and that you all have quality time together

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