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I’ve been having problems sleeping. No problem falling asleep but when I wake up during the night to urinate I frequently have trouble falling back to sleep. I’ve tried melatonin spray with mixed results. My daughter mentioned she has a CBD gummy to help her sleep. I’d like to try that but I don’t know if there are any possible negative consequences. Thoughts?

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I take THC oil every night at around 18h30 and then CBD oil at 20h30. That gives me a sound sleep. The only downside in the case of a gummy is that, depending on your system, you can wake up with it still in your system for a bit and hence you cannot drive to work on time.

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The oil I once got from colorado stated do not drive and do not transport by car . How do you get it home? I’ve taken high thc oil daily over six years now. Ive built up a pretty good tolerance and a definite liking of the thc itself . I was not able to keep working. But, I do respect those that can .

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I live in Quebec, Canada. THC and CBD are legal here. They are sold by government owned stores.

Hello fireandice123,

I recommend having a look at the National Cancer Institute's documents concerning cannabis and cannabinoids. These documents are not prostate cancer specific. The studies cover many types of cancer. The only reference to prostate cancer that I found in the health professional ("HP") version was a reference by a single study with the surprising finding that men who had not smoked tobacco but had smoked marijuana had a slightly elevated risk of getting PCa. I have no idea if that's really true or just an odd coincidence that, if it were investigated, might turn out to be due to some other cause, or not to exist at all. At any rate, I presume that it's irrelevant to a man who already had PCa. Here are the links:

Health Professional version:cancer.gov/about-cancer/tre...

Patient version: cancer.gov/about-cancer/tre...

I like the NCI documents because they are written by professional researchers, vetted by an international team of scientists and doctors, and document all of their conclusions with links to carefully reviewed articles in scientific medical journals.

I looked at the HP version and searched for "sleep". There was some pretty encouraging information that appeared to show that cannabis can be a big help to most patients who have trouble sleeping

Best of luck.


Thanks. This is very helpful.

The infamous j-o-h-n suggested building a log cabin in your mind. I have a log cabin as tall as the Empire State Building.

Try it.

In MY case regular use of CBD oil from tincture under tongue reduced pain, relieved some sleep problems, and allowed me to drop 10 Norco a day, and helped things overall.Starting in Feb 2019, with no previous cannabis experience I varied through 25-400mg per day with no negative side effects for ME. Currently using only 50mg per day.

Your experience can vary of course. I believe it helps me, a lot.

If headache gets too much I add THC lozenges as needed.


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That’s really good.

I was eating CBD candy for a while to help with hot flashes. Some people say it helps with sleep others not. Now I am eating a high THC candy that does nave some THC. I have pretty much given up trying to figure out the hot flashes. I think it helps a little with sleeping?

Are you in a state where cannabis is legal? I would not trust the commercial CBD made from whatever.

I have a tincture made with a tested organic 20 to 1 CBD weed I got from a local grower. It is made with high proof ethanol that I made. The batch I have now is from resin that I burned a little when getting the last of the solvent out. did not affect the resin other than making it a little ugly.

There are a couple of things i can do:

I can try taking a bunch of the tincture and see if it helps me sleep. I would need another of me for a legitimate test :)

I could send you some to try? I also have some strong THC candy but I have no idea how strong it is because i am eating quite a bit of it and i do not get stoned anymore, in fact it might even clear my ADT brain fog a little?

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BTW both the high CBD and the high THC herbs were tested by "reliable" labs, the THC as the resin and the CBD as the herb. So they "should" be good for testing to see how they effect sleep. Any ideas? volunteers?

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i took a lot of high THC candy last night probably 120 mg over the night. i am a bit groggy but i always am in the morning. i think it did help me sleep. it is difficult to compare one night's sleep to another but i do remember fewer hot flashes and woke up fewer times. i always look at the clock when i wake up and try to remember the time since the last wake up. more than two hours is great. i am going to try just CBD tonight.

Cannabis is legal in my state so I’ll have no trouble buying but thanks for the offer to send me some.

Hot flashes are a real pain. They seem to be a bit more frequent now that it’s warmer. I’ve been on magnesium glycinate that my naturopath recommended for awhile and it helps. It hasn’t eliminated them but the are less frequent and not as severe.

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😂😂😂I want candy?

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i can send you some to try, i can not sell it, i just make it for myself and for a few friends. about 4 years ago i made a large quantity of high THC resin. i got the herb from a friend and it cost me nothing. i think i have enough resin for the rest of my life and maybe that of friends as well. i could always get more pot but nor for free. i also have a couple of ounces of high cbd tincture but need to make more of that some day. it involves a fair amount of setting up of the extractor.

i don't have a problem sharing this for people to try so they can determine if there is any benefit. if the feds want to bust me for helping a fellow cancer patient, fine.

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Thanks ! A generous offer . Please be careful on line .. There are probably many that you can help here With this . I’m already doing it . Take care

You could try CBD oil under your tongue before bed

Hey fireanddice123!

I don't use CBD, but, I find that exercise during the day eliminates the return to sleep difficulties.

A dark, cool, quiet room helps. If you live in an urban area window treatments might be necessary.

I do not like the idea of manipulating one's ability to awake if necessary. In the past I was chief of an emergency response team trained to respond to HAZ-MAT incidents and Confined Space Rescue. I could also be called at any hour for equipment or manufacturing "difficulties". At that time I might need to able to be quickly alert and have my wits about me quickly to be able to make decisions--and drive to the plant.

Several years ago I woke to see a neighbor's house on fire. They were out when I got there. I'm glad they woke up.


I exercise a lot - running, swimming and weights but it doesn’t seem to help. And I live in a rural area, very quiet and dark. I should sleep like a baby.

It’s a good point about not the possibilities of not being able to come quickly awake and functioning if the need arises.

I have been using the sublingual CBD oil for about 2 years. It helps me fall asleep quicker…. Do your research. Make sure that you buy from a reputable company that posts the test results for each batch they produce…. Stay away from the gas station CBD products…

THC is way better. I fall asleep watching insane cartoons.

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Both good , together even better .

Cbd are harmless. They feel good. I take 4.5 mg s naltrexone and 20 mgs melatonin prior to bed. I still wake 7 times per night but go back to vivid dreams quickly . Cbd’s are better with thc if you like the high .

Work? 😂✌️

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