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Dealing with hot flashes

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I thought my hot flashes were at least enough under control that I could get some sleep. I am taking megestrol acetate (a progesterone sort of thing?) and have also been eating a "lot" of cannabis candy before going to sleep and when i wake up.

My fucking insurance company denied coverage and it caused a supply gap. The almost week of being off megestrol has (and who knows what else) now has me having extreme flashes. I poured sweat for hours last night and got almost no sleep. Hopefully this will improve when i get balanced again on all the hormones.

Last night (and others) i was sweating bullets and was also cold at the same time. Im trying to figure out how i can keep myself warm and not have sever hot flashes at the same time. Last night i was especially cold and got my Poodle to do some undercover work but it did keep me warm but did nothing about the flashes.

Any ideas on night time clothing and or bedding? I am not sure how many or these completely sleepless nights I can handle.

21 Replies

Frickin insurance? Dam them ! My nat dr told me to eat a handful of edamame or a bit of tofu to help hot flashes . No clothes and high thread count sheets help .. my night sweats aren’t 1/3 as bad now as the first few years were. They can diminish or we just learn to adjust . I’ve had over six years of no t.. good luck 👍

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I already have high count sheets. Cotton, bamboo, linen and various blends ans some strange fibers. I have been wearing a tee shirt because i though it allowed me to keep the sheets down a little. Will try without.

My Poodle seems very accommodating at this point, she will cuddle under the sheets or above. I am not sure of the conversion from SPU (standard Poodle units) to BTU but there is a fair amount of energy in a Poodle.

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I sleep with a poodle, a smaller (Moyen) standard, 29 pounds, named Mateo. He is a good help for thermoregulation. He curls up close when cool but moves to another spot if I’m too hot.

With Mateo at Bryce Canyon
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The times I've dealt with hot flashes I have always opted for nudity as the more reliable cure. Seriously, my philosophy is this: our body is dealing with weirdness inside caused by drugs and hormones and cancer and whatever, so why complicate the external envelope too? I've always believed that covering some parts of our bodies (typically core) and exposing others (hands, arms, head) must make it difficult for the body to regulate an even temperature. Yes the hot flashes still happen, but my body regulates them quicker and better, especially if I get up and walk around a bit. Of course, it helps to live a naturist lifestyle in the first place, but accommodations can be made.

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agree, no fucking clothes the only thing that i have found is a sarong, and a towel on every chair i sit on in case something drips out of me. It really can be a mess, I am finally just seeing it for it is after almost 3 years. Do what you need to do for you , fuck everyone else if they can't understand because most likely they only care about their own shit. I have had to say fuck my family because they are only interested in their own crap.

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i have a remote house with a variety of heat sources none of which is very even. i never cared about that and in fact always like a central heat source like a wood stove that served as a focus of warmth. we have a wood stove a diesel heater propane and electric heat but nothing will keep the house a constant even temperature. We have a remote cabin and we have a heat pump there so we can make it exactly the temp we want. maybe after experimenting with different options here i can try sleeping in the cabin if i need to.

no problem with clothes or not here. i can run around on my 100 acres totally nude without bothering anyone. the only problem is that it does get both hot and cold here so clothing is necessary some times and also for protection from my various tools etc.

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I’ve had the hot flashes and chills a “ lot “ for the last three years. Especially at night. This sounds counter intuitive but , for me, works great. I sleep on a waveless waterbed dialed to 87F .... I have a large ceiling fan right over my bed .... I have several covers at the ready. My ceiling fan has a remote control. When the sweats are enough for me to wake up drenched, I throw off the covers and turn on the fan on medium. That cools me off rapidly ... then I just throw on some covers and leave the fan on. I can cover or uncover and remain pretty comfortable. If the fan gets to be too much I lower the speed or turn it off. If the chills I just throw on a couple more covers with my comfy warm bed., The cool on top, warm underneath seems to keep me pretty regulated and comfortable.


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You might want to try magnesium glycinate. My naturopath recommended it. It hasn’t eliminated the hot flashes but they have calmed down a lot and are less frequent.

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That does seem to help with sleeping.

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And estradiol patches work like magic for me. Worth a try if you don’t fear estrogen.

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I was prescribed EFFEXOR and it has worked really well for me. I was having hot episodes every hour or so but after taking this med I am down to one or two hot flashes a day, usually after drinking coffee or a glass of wine.

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Effexor worked completely for me but I hate the way it makes me feel with my ADD Med ( Vyvanse) and prednisone with Zytiga. I feel toxic and jittery so I went back to hot flashes after just 4 days of Effexor

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before advanced PC i took an anti-inflammatory maybe three times a week. now i am on a whole mix of drugs. so i am not thrilled about adding another but maybe? and i could probably use some help with the mental side. i am afraid of becoming a total slug, the brain fog is bad enough.

how long does it take for the effexor to moderate hot flashes? can you try it for a couple of weeks and quit if it doesn't help.

at this point i have no idea what increases or decreases hot flashes. i get really cold shivering at times to the point of not being able to think of anything but more blankets and then i am sweating to death.

happens some times and then not at all other nights.

I am probably more interested in experimenting with bedding and room temp etc. maybe something like a merino wool long underwear and almost no covers and a higher room temp.

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PBnative in reply to spencoid2

Effexor worked for me immediately. RO said it’s ok to try it and quit after a short trial period , unlike some SSRI’s which one can’t stop abruptly.

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i was on lexipro for a while, did not know if it helped with hot flashes but once it started causing horrible nightmares i stopped. i think i had some good material for apocalypse movies but not much sleep.

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I am sorry for you, I know what your talking about. Its so irritating and humiliating when you cant sleep and then have to do work the next day. hang in there it gets better with time. I am still waiting too, take one thing at a time and don't move to fast. Nothing gets better that quickly, My process has been finding it out.

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problem is that i work for myself. i have to determine when it is not safe to work the machines. i am adding more safety stuff to the dangerous tools. i never (never never never) used a blade guard on a table saw. i caught myself almost falling into the saw a couple of times and then decided to add the guard.

i already had one accident due to exhaustion (i was also feeling nauseous at the time) crashing my new trailer into a branch. got it all the way home and then ran into one of my own trees. fortunately the only things i broke could be welded back together. i did learn a lesson, if you are exhausted, do not do anything potentially dangerous.

i am trying to keep exercising and stay in as good condition as i can and at the same time am trying to accept the fact that i am not the same person i was a few years ago and that i never will be again. i just ordered a shower stool after almost falling down in the shower.

it was not supposed to be this way for another 20 or 30 years.

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Estradiol patch has been a game changer for me. In addition to ending hot flashes, it has also mitigated the other side effects of adt

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i am already taking megestrol which is progesterone. does it make sense to do both?

i am going to order the magnesium glyconate, is this a good one or should i get something with other crap in it as well?

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i ttied acupuncture, chinese herbs, soy, etc. Nothing worked. Then a NURSE recommended Venlafaxine (EFFEXOR) which helped a lot. I also have a remove fan by my bedside. Hot flash coming on, sheet off, naked, fan on, relief!Hot flash over, fan off, sheet on, back to sleep. Have remote fan by my recliner for TV. Works great but my hot flashes have declined on their own over 10 years! Good Luck

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My partner going through menopause along with her friendsSo both us get hot n flustered at times, hot cold and start again!!!

She goes in health food shops and gets potions.

But they all natural herbs.

Sage, lavender.

So it tried them,

Sage helps, but just a teency weency bit.

The doc gave her estrogen patches and she's feeling the benifits.

So when I'm of the chemotherapy I'll try some estrogen patches?

Others on anoth prostate cancer forum mainly take gabbapentin???

(That's why I like this forum for help!)

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