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Entering Clinical Trials

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My recent biopsy shows no evidence of a new BRAC1/2 mutation so the PARB inhibitors are not an option for me as a new castration resistant metastatic prostate cancer patient.

Made the decision to remain in Phoenix to enter a clinical trial with the Mayo Clinic this month. They were kind enough to hold off closing phase 1 for one more patient. Myself. So 2 days of infusions every 2 weeks until it does not work anymore or I can’t tolerate the side effects. A new drug called PT-112 paired with immunotherapy agent avelumab. Hopefully this study will broaden our armory in the future.

12 Replies
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Thank you sir. Thank you.

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Good luck. Hope this works for you.

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Thanks for participating. As you probably know, carboplatin+cabazitaxel was more effective than cabazitaxel alone in a recent Phase 2 clinical trial, so there is hope for some novel platins, expecially when combined with an immune checkpoint inhibitor. They seem to be expanding soon to Phase 2 trials:


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That’s the trial I am doing. Still phase 1 as it is still on dose escalation

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Except it is not carboplatin. It’s a novel platin from my understanding.

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Thank you! Please keep us updated with your progress

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Thank you and hope this is very successful!

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Give em hell........... And if it works I'll treat you to chocolate chip ice cream (two scoops)..

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 07/09/2020 6:10 PM DST

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Praying for your success!

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🙏🙏🙏 Give that cancer hell!

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I am so relieved to hear the news! I have to admit that I've been in the "bargaining" phase regarding your story, hoping that there would be something else you could try. Wishing that we had a better compassionate use law here that would allow lower doses of 177Lu to avoid the pain you went through. But this is good news and I wish you the best and thank you for exploring the roads not yet taken by most of us.

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Oh whoops, this was part of your story from 8 months ago that popped to the top again.

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