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Just got a call from the doctor


My dad just got a call from the doctor for his regular PSA checkups. 2 months ago his PSA was 0.05, last month his PSA was 0.03, this month it is 0.04, everything else is normal. Should we be concerned? Why did it increase all of a sudden?

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What increase? .01? Worry about other things, this isn't anything to worry about.

Thank you

Those are tiny differences that don't mean anything. I don't think it's worth measuring down to the hundredth, it causes anxiety for nothing. These changes are just basically noise.

There's a difference between measurable and meaningful.

You’re right, as a 20 year old every change worries me haha

There's a reason we call it Prostate Specific Anxiety!



Staying Undetectable is key for us now. These minute changes are typical . All good. At twenty years old you can be your fathers beacon of love. Great job being his advocate . Good luck to papa!😷

You too whimpy!

Peace young lady!✌️

Great psa. Time for a chocolate spurge.

Notttt just yet, mom has her biopsy scheduled for tomorrow :/ fingers crossed!

It diddn't increase. Fluctuations like that are normal. Ask his oncologist why he is getting monthly tests, and can he move to a conventional PSA test where the lowest reading is 0.1.

Thanks Tall Allen, I’ll ask about it. Why do doctors not assign conventional PSA tests where the lowest reading is 0.1 in my fathers case? This is my first time hearing about that

Ask them, not me. Perhaps just because they can (which doesn't mean they should). I can see from your post that the only result was unnecessary anxiety.

So sorry you are dealing with such a double whammy at such a young age. Wow. Hope you have some relatives and friends you can lean on. We all need a hug every once in a while. I guess kisses tossed from across the room may have to do for now. Best of wishes to you.

Thank you Monte, life goes on, whatever happens happens for a reason right

Stay strong my Dear 👍

Slight fluctuations are tolerable.

My best to you and your parents. All will be well 👌



Thank you Haniff, I just saw from your profile that you celebrated Eid a while ago, so happy belated Eid Mubarak! My family and I also celebrated Eid by just driving around the city.

Best wishes to you

Yes understandably the lab measuring calculating equipment can have that slight bit of +/- tolerance error. For example when was the last calibration or correlation made on the PSA lab testing equipment?

Plus our human body chemistry can throw off our internal system.

That would be worth concern only if it was about a Satellite or space probe going to Mars or the Mikey Way. Hundredth’s of numbers only count, in my technical engineering opinion with design of delicate instrumentation like nuclear research.

Not to worry chocolatelover_123

Thank you very much for the info, hope you’re doing well

Yes 8 days ago I had my CT ABS/pelvis / chest and NM total body bone scan done plus PSA labs.

Results: no signs found on scans of any Cancer...! And my PSA went from 1.032 March 10th to 0.75 .

Good news no G R E A T news. My (3) yes three cancer meds are working!

What meds are your Dad taking?


That’s great to hear! My dad is taking zytiga with prednisone and having zoladex injections

edwards304 in reply to depotdoug


My Dear

Thanks for your Eid wishes. Yes, the celebration was fun and different due to the lockdown here in Singapore. All of us were at home, my Sons were working from home.

I recently just retired in January after 37 years as Senior Teacher of English. My wife will be retiring end June this year after 38 years. She’s also a Senior Teacher of English.

Do take good care of yourself and parents. God Bless ❤️



Seems like the significant problem is that you have a doctor who might have failed to communicate sufficient assurance to your Dad.....did your Dad express concern or satisfaction with his current psa value?

The doctor said it’s normal but my whole entire family fears change when it comes to issues like this. They were concerned for a little bit but now they’re okay.

He’s ok. Sorry about both your parents. But they are lucky to have you.

No sweats. He is undetectable. He is <0.1. The body makes antigen in minute quantities measured other than the prostate,


Insignificant rise .....

Hello, I think that's a great result, it's nothing, as I said to you before, plan ahead sweetheart, your dads doing well.

Much love from us xxxx

P.S. Those prayers worked, didn't they 😇😀

Haha for sure! Thank you 😊😊 hopefully the prayers work for my mom too

That's like a blackhead on an elephant's ass..... (don't sweat it)....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 06/16/2020 6:03 PM DST

In the noise. No worries.

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