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Is Artemisinin effective in fighting prostate cancer?

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Hello friends,

I came across the following article published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry that claims that Artemisinin blocks Prostate Cancer:

Has anyone used Artemisinin for PC? Is it effective?

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Thanks for this info. Seems interesting. I am reading more about this herb. This looks like parsley which also has some anti cancer effect. Lets see what other members say.

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Yes , I'm taking it. Does it work? I don't know. I've been taking it off and on for 8 years since diagnosis. It probably doesn't do much but I've been in some kinda remission on lupron, xtandi and various supplements. The trouble is , taken alongside allopathic medicine you can't prove much. My last PSA was .04 , Hallelujah brother!

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back2health in reply to Kevinski65

Hallelijah back to you Kevin! Keep doing what you're doing.

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You missed the point (meant) you're not supposed to inject it you're supposed to take it orally... (like the ole days with your BGF)...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 04/26/2020 1:52 PM DST

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And a double Hallelujah from the Amen corner......... Go Low Bro....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 04/26/2020 1:59 PM DST

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Hallo Pcnmyy

I am a great advocate for the malaria tablet Coartem. A combination of artemether and lumefantrine.

Artemesinin was the first from the plant artemesia anua. Today there is already more than 15 derivatives.

For this month I am using 100 mg Artesunate early in the morning - empty stomach. And then two o'clock in the afternoon 100 mg artemether.

I was diagnosed in Jan 2016 with tubular (ductal) stage 4 prostate cancer Gleason 8, PSA 961. Fast, aggresive.

As in writing my PSA is 0.05. I am currently on a drug holiday. I've written a few words on how to use etc.

You guys in the US are so fortunate. You've got a lab/factory right there on your doorsteps that manufacture a top grade artemether and artesunate. You can order it from

In my own time I have chewed more than 2000 malaria tablets with cod liver.

Kind Regards Thinus Coetzee

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back2health in reply to Thinus

From PSA 961 to PSA 0.05--sure this is not a typo?

Jokes aside, is/was the Artemisinin-derivative therapy being used in conjunction with conventional interventions such as Androgen Deprivation Therapy, or other hormonal therapies, or Chemo/Radiation which could have counted for some of the spectacular drop in PSA?

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Thinus in reply to back2health

No this is no hype. Just thankful to God that after 6 years of aggressive tubular prostate cancer I am still here and in good health. If you want to read more about it, you can Google: Artemether cures cancer and start reading. I myself put together 17 pages which I send to people who ask for it.

Also read about Prof Henry Lai and Dr Niandra Singh from the University of Washington and their research.

I strongly recommend the malaria tablet Coartem. It is a combination of Artemether and Lumefantrine. Lumefantrine is also used as a second line treatment on brain cancer. I drank it for 18 months straight. And I was not the only one. There are great testimonials on my WhatsApp about an Indian to whom I recommend it.

Feal free to ask more info. You guys sit there right at one of the best Artemether labs. My oncologist is absolutely sure that the Coartem turned around my cancer.

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Chilling2020 in reply to Thinus

Hello Thinus,

I would appreciate a copy of your 17 page document. I am also interested in your daily intake of supplements including any unique combinations like lycopene and capsaicin or how you might increase bioavailability by using DSMO.

Thank you in advance!

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Thinus in reply to Chilling2020

Hallo ChillingYou learn as you go. And I wasn't always right what to eat and what to leave.

1. As for Artemether, the research is well documented. And hundreds of people if not thousands benefit from it. Some time ago my oncologist just sit back in his chair and said: You know, I don't know anymore what worked, what you did or what I did.

2. Capsaicin and lycopene. If you are serious about your prostate cancer, use it. At least 1500 mg of capsaicin a day with a spoonful of tomato paste.

But there are new research that just popped up. Lucrin and Lupron is longer effective in PC patients who control their gut bacteria to the healthy side. And capsaicin kills helicobacter pylori. And helicobacter pylori works against exactly that what Lupron tries to do.

3. And I still believes the guys at Havard are correct: cut on your choline intake. No egg yolk. Cancer cells will use choline to burn material rather than oxygen.

Anything that I wrote here, anybody can find on the internet. I am still a great advocate for the malaria tablet COARTEM against various cancers. The best is to kill the bulk of the cancer as quick and as soon as possible, then your oncs treatment will last until you are old enough to say goodbye with a heart attack.

My email: Or find me on FB.

My PSA on 28 December 2021 was 0.08. I don't have PC. I was diagnosed with aggressive tubular prostate cancer January 2016.

I like this club. Through the years it gave me a lot of tips.

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GeorgeGlass in reply to Thinus

Can you send me that info in a message? Who prescribed it to you? Oncologist? I think luecine in dairy products is bad too.

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GeorgeGlass in reply to Thinus

Tell us more. How Long have you been on a drug vacation? Are artemether and artesunate Keeping out at .05? With your aggressive cancer doubling time, your psa would normally be a lot higher than .05, right? Where are you getting all the malaria pills? What are they called?

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Thinus in reply to GeorgeGlass

Hallo George

I also started out on Lucrin injections, PSA 901 after the biopsy. Just that, no MRI scan, just a bone scan which showed the cancer already spread. About a week after the biopsy I read about Artemsinin. And start reading, realizing Artemether is stronger and I have eazy access to it because I was working in Sudan. The UN doesn't dish out pain tablets, but you could buy a packet of malaria tablets for $3 in 2016.

The malaria tablet Coartem is a combination of Artemether and Lumefantrine. I read a lot about, wrote directly to Prof Henry Lai of the University of Washington.

You can just Google Artemether cures cancer and start reading.

Artemether carries 5 oxygen atoms, 2 are bent to the inside and form a endo-peroxide bridge. When this peroxide binds with the iron content on a malaria parasite's body, the parasite dies.

Cancer cells accumulate a lot more iron than normal cells. And the same happens here. The Artemether creates ROS and when it binds with iron inside the cancer cell, the cell switch of and die.

Lumefantrine prevents autophagy: the ability of a cancer cell to dive deep and go in hiding. Therefore this combo is deadly to cancer.

After a week on Coartem, I was back in Sudan and had free access to it. And I wrote to my oncologist, Dr PW van Zijl in SA. He gave me the green light, just asked that I must keep him up to date. I stopped using Lucrin in January 2018, and just float on a 100 mg Casodex and 20 mg Kessar, and than for a year just nothing. PSA stayed below 0.4 But last year it start growing back from 0.03 to 0.4. And the oncologist warned me there is somewhere a cancer growing, the MRI scan can't pick it up, so I took three Lucrins, no Casodex, back on Coartem and the PSA is on 0.04 while I am writing this.

I don't have PC, but tubular prostate cancer, life expectancy of 5 years. I am in year 7, thankful to God that I am healthy. Dana Poolman used it on my advice for Lymphoma, and he is totally clean.

My email:

You can buy pure Artemether from

Write to me so that I can advise you how to drink it.

Kind Regards

Thinus Coetzee

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From literature here is a lot of phyto or repurposed drugs active. Boric acid caused some toxicity for me, however.

One paper was about Oncotherm and magnetotherapy. PSA 262 till 1.

Have fun,


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Tell me more. Curious

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Have not used it, but have read that it works via a mechanism of attacking cells with high concentrations of iron stored in them, which happens to be cancer cells according to the report.

They're said to have an excessive appetite for iron to help support their rapid production. Also, the report explains that viruses like Malaria intake excessive amounts of iron like cancer cells, and that Artemisinin's primary attack on Malaria is through the virus's excessive load of iron, very much like it does for cancer.

Supposedly, it works by attacking the concentrated iron in both cancer cells and the Malaria virus through an action of lending oxygen atoms to the iron in them to generate strong pro-oxidative activity that destroys cancer cells and the malaria virus.

Though not scientifically proven as an effective agent against cancer yet, it has demonstrated itself to be a "powerhouse agent" against malaria.

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