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Lupron Shortage


Mayo Phoenix is OUT of Lupron so I received a 6 month shot of Elligard yesterday in the stomach, Is Elligard just as effective??? Anyone else experiencing a Lupron shortage?

Added Cassodex to my Lupron 30 days ago and my PSA has come down from .86 to .56 yesterday. Hope it keeps falling.

Merry Christmas To All Fellow Warriors. 17 years of this battle and still standing.


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Yes, Eligard is just as effective since it is the same drug with a different method of injection. I've been on it for quite a while as are all patients in the VA healthcare system. No problems with it. I find the Eligard injection initially hurts more than Lupron, but goes away faster.

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It seems to be dependent on the skill of the nurse doing the injection, or how good a day she is having. In my case I remember that serious "burn" for about 60 seconds after the Eligard injection into a buttock. The last 3 times however, were almost pain free.

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It's a pain in the ass one way or another.

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Amen to that!

I was on Eligard for awhile but it was injected into my butt cheek

I was amazed how much it "burned" going in but great today.

The burning sensation happens when the mix starts to thicken up. If the nurse/tech is good at it, they mix it to just the right viscosity and the injection is surprisingly tolerable.

Thank God it only happens every six months.

Or three 😑

All I’ve read they are equals just different delivery procedure.

Congrats on lower numbers..... keep it up ( or down as it may be!!!).

Merry Christmas and a happy and a healthy New Year.


Thanks JC - same to you.

Thanks Greg for the insight.

Yes it hurts a lot going in but no pain today

It really does burn going in. I take a couple extra-strength Tylenols before the shot to take the edge off it. The pain goes away quickly, but I also find after 2 days it itches like heck for another 2 days. That didn't happen with my first shots. All in all, it's a minor inconvenience.

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Does icing the site before injection help?

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Yes, I ask for the "cold spray". It helps with the initial prick, but the Eligard itself is what burns when it's pushed in under your skin. It's over quickly so you just have to hold on tight for a little while. It's also fairly viscous, from what the nurses said. They say "it's sticky". They definitely need to warm it up first and also inject it slowly. Those things help.

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Man, I am all about pre-meditcating...LOL I did it for my biopsy too! LOL

My biopsy was the worst. 14 stings by a bee the size of a 747!!!!

If you have any concerns about it working you can always have your testosterone checked.

Thanks Greg.

It's so wonderful to share stories with my fellow warriors. Short-term pain is worth it as long as it's working. My last two t tests were 7. Hope it stays there. Merry Christmas

Eliguard is better and more costly too . It was my first shot shot and it knocked my PSA down never to come back . Then it was Lupron for me .Merry Christmas Tom .

You too Lulu. Why did you go back to lupron

I had one firmagon . I think it was solely due to it being cheaper than Lupron ..

Hi tceinv, Glad to hear your PSA dropped! I had my first Eligard shot in early Nov and had 2 Lupron shots previous to that. The Eligard shot definitely hurt more than Lupron. They gave me the shot in the stomach ( like a rabies shot! 😀). The needle is a thicker gauge but shorter than for Lupron. It’s a thicker needle because the substance is mixed beforehand like epoxy and hardens under your skin. I think Gregg’s idea of a Tylenol beforehand is good I think I’ll try that next time.

Hi Dan

Trust me I thought I was going to die when they started putting that stuff inside of me

the tech is just wonderful I have him all the time and he said it's like shooting toothpaste in your body.that's the bad news but today I have no pain whatsoever versus the lupron shot that goes into my muscle and my thigh hurts when I'm working out for about a week. As long as any of this stuff works I'm up for whatever pain they want to put me through as long as it's short-term. Just keep ducking and swinging. Merry Christmas

Right on! Merry Christmas!

I had a four month Lupron shot last week. The nurse giving it said there is a shortage looming, so it was good I was getting it sooner than later.

It was my one year anniversary of the first shot, have been undetectable for the past 6 months, detectable at .01 this month. Hoping the second year works out too.

I received my last shot of Lupron in July and was told by my MO that I have to take no more shots. Thank God I can start making testosterone again!


Tom- 17 years!!! That's awesome. What's your secret?

Probably luck and blessed by God. . Had RP in 2002, I was 55 years old, RT in 2003, PSA stayed low for 9 years. In 2012, PSA 4.6, started Cassodex only that worked until January of this year when PSA was 1.5 with some bone mets.. Went on Lupron, just added Cassodex again, and PSA is creeping down to .54.

Going to look into radiating 2 prominent spots. Where are you on the journey?

I have had 8 six monthly Eligard injections since 2016 & my psa has remained at <0.01 since. Mine have all been in my stomach with no problems. Here in South Australia I have not heard of anyone getting Lupron. All seem to get Eligard,

Good news for you. Congrats on the success. I am just .56.

Dear Tom, I’ve been getting Eligard shots in my belly every six months since 7/17. (And daily Zytiga). It always stings w a bit of delay but not for long. I have all the usual big ADT side effects (bone density, lean muscle mass, libido) but some of the acute ones, like hot flushes and gynecomastia have gone away. PSA declined for first year and has been ND for 1.5 years. 17’re awesome!!! 😎 ✌️

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A carbon copy of my experience, 3 years in on Eligard, only issues are a occasional hot flash and initial soreness at the injection site.

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I admit, I DO get the occasional flash. But it’s not the crazy deluges I had in the early days. And I occasionally retain water and feel bloated for a day then it all comes out. I now have empathy for women when they talk about these things!

I am not non-detectable but only .54 now I added Cassodex to my daily intake.

I have been on both for 8 years and both have worked well. In my opinion and according to my Doctors you are receiving the same medication. Good luck

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I've been getting a Lupron injection in my butt every four months for six years. Fortunately I have never had any pain with the injection. I checked with m pharmacist today and he said there is no Lupron shortage in the greater Toronto area.

Thanks - here in Phoenix Mayo they stick the Lupron in the thigh muscle and it hurts for a week.

My family doctor, who gives me the injections, was a nurse before she was a doctor so maybe she learned how to give needles.

You are lucky Sandy

Thanks so much

I was on ADT from 2004 until 2010. Lupron shortage is nothing new. Part of the reason has to do with expiration dates; and the estimate of need. Whenever Lupron was “out”, I took Eligard. In fact, I preferred Eligard. Both work equally well. There are others out there, but I have no experience.

So don’t panic. Listen to your MO and move on. BTW, my preference was always 3-month injections. It coincided with a PSA and T testing. Cost was the same. I figured that if I had a 6-month injection, I still had to do 5ge blood draw..... besides by research MO wanted me on 3-month injections. I always listened to my MO.

Good luck and kill 5ge little bastards Znywaytgat you c@n.

Gourd Dancer

Thanks so much. I get monthly PSA test to check on the beast.

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I get monthly T levels and PSA levels. My pharmacist checks them, calls me about it, and releases the Zytiga and prednisone.

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I think it's a great idea to get monthly checks. I always want to know what the beast is doing. Does your pharmacist do your blood checks.

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My MO has a standing order for the lab for monthly bloods (T, PSA, and others). I have to get bloods before the pharmacist will authorize the meds. It's a great way for them to know quickly what is going on, also the pharmacist asks if I'm taking the meds regularly. Apparently some people don't take their meds.

I too have been doing the monthly checks for the last 6 years. Helps me know what the beast is thinking.

Merry Christmas

I got a one month Lupron injection this month, and Uro said they were sent monthly

doses by mistake. I normally get 4 month shots. So January will see what's next.

Could be there is a shortage. Or maybe it's the new trade bill?

Oh my God I hope it's made here

All that pain we experience is nothing compared to living with a PITA ex-wife for ten years.... Now that's PAIN......brothers,... that's Pain.....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 12/22/2019 2:37 PM EST

Eligard is the same as Lupron.

But, I have read that drug company reps for Lupron that have been on it will only do monthly shots as longer time frame shots wear off before the next shot.

I am not a rep.

When I was on my 24 month series I took a 3 month shot and lost the hot flashes about 3 weeks before my next shot.

So went back onto the monthly shots.

When I mentioned this and noted the reps action the NP agreed the monthly series was better.

Do you Mean the Lupron shots wear off?


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