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Regarding taking DIM supplement


So a question here...I have later stage PC and am considering take the supplement DIM. Currently on Firmagon for past year. PSA does need to come down, clicking up a bit. If anyone is taking, how much and for how long.

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Been taking Dim even before I came down with PCa some 16 years ago. Currently taking 200 mg/daily

Parscore in reply to middlejoel

Really, so it certainly did not stop you getting PC. If you do not mind me asking. What is your history on the PC and current status.

middlejoel in reply to Parscore

Well, short history

I am 83 years old, my older brother died of PCa and sister had breast cancer. sometime around the time when I was in my 40's, I became a natural health proponent and started to eat right and to take natural health supplements. Somewhere along the way I became aware of Dim and began the supplementation hoping that it would help. I have been very healthy my whole life but when I turned 70, a routine PSA test indicated a rising PSA. Following a biopsy that proved positive, I began my journey with prostate cancer. Initially I stayed on active surveillance for a few years as I monitored the changes through scanning and psa testing, then in 2013, ADT3 for 1 year. then followed by 4+ years of estrogen patches along with Avodart and metformin. Early this year, it became obvious that that treatment had began to fail so I dropped the estrogen patches and began having 3-month shots of Lupron. So far psa has continued rising slowly and now is at 0.79. I am in the process of new scanning to determin my new course of action

So---all along I have been supplementing with DIM. Obviously it has not stopped me from getting the xxxxxing cancer but has it helped?

Parscore in reply to middlejoel

Thank you for the input Always helpful to hear from others.

j-o-h-n in reply to middlejoel

Sounds like a Dim view to me..

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

J-o-h-n Thursday 10/10/2019 5:37 PM DST

Parscore in reply to middlejoel

and thank you for the input on DIM. I am 4 years in to PC so as W.C. Fields once said, just looking for a loop-hole

I take BroccoMax with sulforaphane. I had prostatectomy and am taking it to stay cancer free. I hope it works .

Whimpy-p in reply to rocket09

Anything broccoli is good . 💪

Hi- my husband uses Optimized Broccoli from Life Extension. It yields approximately 12mg Sulforaphane and 200mg DIM per tablet. Here are the two clinical trials I am aware of regarding sulforaphane and biochemically recurrent prostate cancer


(Study dose 60mg sulforaphane)

(Study dose was about 35mg sulforaphane)

Obviously, sulforaphane/DIM aren't cures, just one more tool to try to tip the balance in your favor.

Parscore in reply to Shanti1

Thank you I will look at these

Hey Parscore!

Dim alone may not be enough.

A little excerpt from a response to "Association of statin use---" today.

"The study funded by the non profit featured in a Dr. Greger video on YouTube has spawned some supps containing a combination of these four ingredients, curcumin, cruciferous, green tea and pomegranate. Some uros even offer a combo formulated to their spec and are selling it. The study ended at these four supps because the $$ ran out. Do you think that maybe taking the garlic supp, some quercetin, resveratrol, a ginkgo blend, some mushrooms --especially Turkey Tail, ginger to work with the curcumin and magnify it's effectiveness and a few other things. To make sure they get absorbed a bromelain supp and some black pepper? I noticed that although curcumin is in the prepared blends for sale that an aid to enhance absorption wasn't included in the formulation. Turmeric? One manufacturer adds the entire root rather than the active derivative, curcumin. Why? The curcumin is one of the difficult supps for our bodies to absorb. Turmeric has roughly just a 3% curcumin content.

Ahh! In Dr. Greger's YouTube video the curcumin, pomegranate, green tea and cruciferous supps did little when given even at high amounts to men who had prostate cancer but smaller amounts of each combined were quite effective. How was this determined? Blood was drawn from the men in the study after they consumed the supps and the blood was drizzled on cultured prostate cancer cells. A combo in vivo, in vitro type of study. "

I hope this may be of help to you.

You know about Dr. Lawrence Klotz' patient who dosed with hot sauce and found it controlled his PSA? Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Meyers and Metformin? There are YouTube videos by these two highly respected doctors with info you may find interesting.

The biggest prostate cancer killer and maybe for other cancers as well, is to what I have read or listened to, is broccoli sprouts, not broccoli but the sprouts.


Overheard at a veggies, fruities and nutties cocktail party,,,,

Broccoli: I look like a tree.

Mushroom: wow I look like an umbrella!

Walnut: I look exactly like a brain!

Banana: Guys, can we change the topic please.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 10/10/2019 5:45 PM DST

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