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Testosterone up only five weeks out of lupron


Hi, has enybody seen a rapid increase in T after only five weeks without lupron, I only did two months of lupron, which lowered my psa from 13 to 2.2 , now after only five weeks my T is 386 it was 13 while on lupron my psa also up to 13; Gleason 9 no bone Mets only one lesion on lymph node, had RP and radiation twice,

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My T levels typically come back pretty quickly. You weren't on it very long so its not surprising you came back quickly.

Kupinternet in reply to FCoffey

Thank you eve body for your replies

My diagnosing urologist claimed he gave me a 6 month Eligard(Lupron) injection. T and PSA all came down nicely but reverted to all time highs after just one month. Long story short the idiot screwed up and only gave me a one month shot!

Kupinternet in reply to 6357axbz

Whoa, is incredible with doctors and nurses you have to be on top of everything, they have too much work ,

FCoffey in reply to 6357axbz

I check every syringe, every bottle of pills, everything. I've caught quite a few mistakes. At first some of the nurses didn't like it, but after you catch them in a goof they are glad that you are paying attention.

My T shot up. Was on Firmagon for 6 months (T was 10 or less). Last shot was July 2. By my PSA check in late sept it was 700, higher than before I went on ADT. I did not use any T supplements

Kupinternet in reply to Emak1

Was you T 700 or your psa.

Emak1 in reply to Kupinternet

T, PSA was undetectable.

No what? Are you going back on Lupron?

Kupinternet in reply to teamkv

I’m going back on lupron ,any help with side effect .

teamkv in reply to Kupinternet

Husband does the one month version. His side effects are less frequent than the frequency that others talk about on HU. We tried to find someone to do the vantas implant, but when he heard it had to be surgically inserted and he at this point has been told18 to 24 month of Lupron he chose monthly. He also takes BIoResponse DIM which for what it is worth helps me with my hot flashes.

teamkv in reply to teamkv

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Talk to your doctor. Try estradiol patches instead. Way fewer side effects ! See this link:


Most ROs would argue for long+term Lupron adjuvant to RT after lymph node mets have been discovered.

Depends on age, to how far it comes relative to what your normal level was before your DX of Pca.


From age 57 to age 63, I had three month injections of Lupron or Eligard. T was suppressed to <5. Age 64, T never came back. I have been on Androgel, 4 mg, twice a week ever since. T ranges from roughly 400 to 700 depending on application day relative to blood draw day. I were not to used the T supplement, I would be about 50 within a month; <10 the next month....... yes, T makes one feel better, more active, and an aid to weight loss, but at what expense. At which ever time your MO says let’s stop Lupron and see what effect you experience on PSA, there is time enough to gain T even with supplement. We all have decisions to make.


Seems that most of us are on ADT for 12-24 months.

Did you have RT to all pelvic lymph nodes?

Lupron is a 2 year program injected every 90 days. It usually accompanies a radiation program of about 38 sessions. At the end of the treatment program your PSA score should be near 0 (mine was .01).

My lupron shot is once every 6 months. Testosterone never tested. 2 yrs. 2 mo. in. Psa today still 0.1 Extensive bone mets and lymph node mets. Talking about mistakes: When I asked nurse today what psa was she said "I think it was 7." I casually said "Are you sure?" 0.1 when she rechecked. 21 months Xtandi. Good luck Kupinternet.

Greeting Kup: You've gotten responses to you question. Now it's our turn. Your age? Location? Treatments? Your numbers PSA/Gleason? Treatment location? Doctor(s) names? ALL INFORMATION IS VOLUNTARY but it helps us help you and helps us too. If you respond please do so in a future post (not today and not to me). Thank you...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

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a new article on that topic ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/310...

I had Prostate stage 4 and bone cancer stage 4. I stayed on Lupron (Eligard) for 6 1/2 years without a break and had 72 radiations. It has been 1 1/2 years since any therapy, I no longer have cancer and my T count is 47, my PSA is 0.06, and my Vit D3 is 27. So I would recommend that everyone on Lupron keep checking your Vit D levels and understand low Vit D can slow down many of the side effects of dry skin and poor healing. I was taking 2,000 IU daily and that was not enough. Vit D3 should be between 30 and 50 (some say up to 60). It had been eleven years since I was diagnosed.

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