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Just got on Xtandi plus Lupron


I have been on Xtandi for two weeks now..Take the big four every night. I have been on Lupron for two years. Other than waking up a few times a night with a little hot flash feeling really good. The first dose of Xtandi I took in the am and immediately felt a little blah on and off for a few hours but was working outside and by afternoon I felt fine.. I switched to night time and now no problems...Is there a lag in side effects?

Thank you

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In the Full Prescribing Information sheet that usually comes along with each bottle of prescribed Xtandi (enzalutamide), Section 12.3 Pharmacokinetics mentions that a steady state of the drug equal to roughly 8.3 times a single dose can be built up within 28 days, and thereafter the daily plasma fluctuations are relatively low (mean peak-to-trough ratio of 1.25). My experience in the first few months on Xtandi was an up-tick in hot flashes during the first year, drier skin, a little bit of nipple tenderness about a year in with some slight gynecomastia (i.e. slight man boobs (aka "moobs") , and a slowly growing kind of background fatigue (above and beyond the existing trends from Lupron). I'm now age 70 and have been on Lupron for a little over 5 years, and added Xtandi a little over 2 years. I take my Xtandi at night, too. Overall, the come-and-go fatigue is the most noticeable. I've also begun to transition some of the more strenuous outside home care activities to others.

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Thanks I am glad someone does their home work

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I use to bounce my moobs but i stopped cause my rib cage was getting black and blue.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 02/12/2019 7:54 PM EST


Welcome aboard, well sort of...

I miss the flying, was commercial pilot before switching to software development. Glad I did, my friends say airline work is boring. Many of my former pilot colleagues, ended up working for Asian airlines, which have strict rules of leaving autopilot engaged to short final.

I'm on Eligard, Casodex and Zytiga for 4 months now, my sleep pattern is in chaos, gym workouts seems to be working for me. Before, the hot flashes made it impossible for steady sleep. Also, take all meds in the morning, because I may fall asleep in the night and forget.

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I replied to you below....just getting the hang of this...later Blue Skies!

About everything listed on there web site but mine has settled down, still have the joint pain and weakness. Getting high blood pressure. 30 months here

Thanks guys, that is what I hear from the commercial side flying for airlines. We fly a Citation 680 and go to great destinations. I am part time so I usually take the island hops. Everything is the same when we meet in the hotel. wink! So being mostly retired I devote much of the day to exercise, my Golden Retriever is a God send, lift, paddle board , play Pickleball.....fly Angel Flights.....about to take my Class 2 Medical...will have a letter from Duke Cancer and MD Anderson and have had no problems yet....but now we will see that I am on Xtandi. Again thanks guys , Blue Skies ....


The pic (pun intended) is my boy, 4 year old Australian Shepherd, he's like my very active personal trainer!

Anyway, interesting story - FedEx "male" pilot with breast cancer:


Everyone and I mean everyone should get a dog that is not only there for emotional support but for exercise. Many days would end up with no road work except Gracie needs it so I get out and do it and 5 minutes into the run I am glad I did it...Run , walk , jog, it does not matter....you will get results. Physically and mentally ...Do not listen to " Honey you have cancer so you need to rest" or I will do it tomorrow.....Go get you some!!!

Just do it intermittently otherwise response will decrease like it did to all my friends.

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