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Had Lupron restarted on 12/14/18


30 months of ADT stopped on 03/31/2017. Got T back up to 1002 - QoL back. PSA rose to 10.8. Restarted Lupron and T went from 547 to 20 in a month and PSA down to 7.7. Fight on Brothers - Randy


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You're a warrior, Randy...keep fighting, brother.... many more marathons to run....glad you had an ADT vacation...hope it cleared the head...Best of luck...



Cool, nice ADT vacation for almost 2 years! Was this initiated by your doc, or you asked for it?

dockam in reply to Hidden

I had seen the research showing that castrate resistance occurs about 2 to 3 years: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

So, at my 06/30/2017 Lupron appt, I gave him studies and said I wanted to try a "Hormone Holiday" He thought about it and said that I had the room to experiment PSA was at 0.4 and T at 17. The side effects were tolerable, just wanted to get T back and have QoL better, then starve the PCa down the road. That same MedOnc saved my life by allowing me to have 9 more Taxotere sessions over the normal protocol of 6 - no one at the Tumor Board said to give me more. We worked well together to keep me in the game, he knew I was well researched and respected my input. theloopnewspaper.com/story/...

Fight on - Randy

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We're on the same page!

I'm being proactive about castrate resistance, so the vacation strategy seems solid, since I'm currently hormone sensitive. My symptoms of weak and burning urine stream with incontinence, resided in just one week of Casodex. Then after two weeks, Eligard, then followed by Zytiga (post 3 months, current PSA 0.36, T 0.3). I think the docs didn't start with Chemo, since had a great response with just Casodex at first.

Nevertheless, having a rapport with our prime oncologist is paramount for that extra edge. Recently, changed my team to Dana-Farber, at least now - can discuss anything like ADT vacation, win-win = QoL + delay resistance!



dockam in reply to Hidden

Good luck Brother and keep us posted.


GeorgeGlass in reply to dockam

Randy, what did the 9 session of taxotere do that was better than 6, and when did you get those sessions, when you first realized you were metastatic?

dockam in reply to GeorgeGlass

Dx in 01/2015 (PSA@840, Stage IV, GL7) and had 1st chemo in 02/2015. After 5 chemo sessions, PSA was still in teens 15.6. MedOnc gave me more, as I was tolerating them well: still worked six days/week. So MO wanted my PSA to get as low as possible. IMO, I don't believe I would have gotten down to 0.7 in 01/2016 with the extra Taxotere. Fight On!

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Right on the money, Brother.

Loving' this thread...



FYI The limbo started many years ago by guys sneaking under pay toilets...(remember those?).

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 01/17/2019 5:21 PM EST

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I saw the Macarena start on a NYC bus. Guy jumps up out of his seat and frisks himself, terrified that he had lost his wallet.

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LOL That was me....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 01/17/2019 9:39 PM EST

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