Started on Lupron and later Casadex off and on + Lupron

i am 87 years old, about 12 years ago i was rated 7.5 on the Gleason scale my PSA was 56. started on Lupron and later Casadex off and on + Lupron. stopped Casadex as it caused me to become deeply depressed. my PSA is now 36, still on Lupron and they are suggesting chemo. i am trying cannabis oil, and would like to hear if some one else is using cannabis oil and what the results are.

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  • joeoconnell,

    Are you sure that the Lupron has stopped working? If you haven't yet, get a testosterone test to be sure that you are really castrate. Before moving onto a heavy hitting drug make sure that some less significant manipulations might not still work. If you find that you are not castrate (yes, that does happen) ask about firmagon instead of Lupron. It could delay the other drugs.


  • thanks, i will suggest that my next appointment... also am trying cannabis oil

  • i hope firmagon doesn't make me depressed like casadex did

  • There is no way to predict what side effects any of us experience with any drugs. It is a very individual thing. The lack of consistency can even be with different rounds of the same drugs. On my first round of Luprone I experienced severe memory disorientation and depression. Each time I went back I was worried about having similar experiences, but happily I can report that I didn't have it happen again.

    Bottom Line - You have to try to find out.


  • Yep

  • still hoping to hear if any others are trying cannabis oil, besides me

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