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Generic version of Zytiga

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Hello pca warriors! May i ask how much is the generic version of Zytiga? Is the effectivity the same? If yes and if its a lot cheaper, will it be possible to purchase it thru a friend/relative in the US or anywhere else where there’s the generic version and ship to the Philippines?

Our MO said that my husband may need to continue taking Zytiga but its very very costly here.

Appreciate all your inputs!

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According to GoodRx, it is running at $3,170 in my area for 120 tabs of 250 mg--1 month supply......I am hoping it is as effective since my insurance made me take the generic...guess I'll find out....supposed to be based on FDA oversight...


What is your out of pocket co-pay


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Mkeman in reply to Nalakrats

My copay was higher for the generic than for the name brand. Go figure. Pharmacist said generic is so new that insurance companies don’t have the pricing straight yet.

Haven't got the first of the year....they filled me at end of last year for free since I had hit my out of pocket max..... I think I'll be footing the bulk of the bill for a max out of pocket is $6,500...

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dvcarola in reply to NPfisherman

Thank you NPfisherman, thats about same price here in the Philippines for the bottle of Zytiga (not generic) but for us this is too much and can hardly afford unfortunately, hope the generic version you have works just the same, all the best to you!

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Lisa0627 in reply to NPfisherman

Hi :) How long, on average, is it taking most to get the Zytiga prescription Filled & sent to you ?

My Dad was just diagnosed & prescribed Zytiga, but the order had to go through a speciality pharmacy, etc & then off for insurance approval. Seem like a long process- we are hoping the wait is short !

Thank you !

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NPfisherman in reply to Lisa0627

He is on Lupron in the meantime probably...zytiga blocks testosterone production in the adrenals...the insurance companies do what they do...patience is advised...would think no more than 2 weeks....

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Lisa0627 in reply to NPfisherman

Thank you ! This forum is so helpful. I’ve already spent countless hours on it comparing what will seemingly be my Dad’s treatment - to what has worked for others in his situation. Prayers & strength to all 🙏🏼

Remember, even the inventor of Zytiga said you can take one day daily instead of four as long as it’s with a high fat breakfast. Studies have supported that also.

We buy our zytiga from India. I believe around $500 for two packs and that includes shipping.

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Jama91 in reply to taylor123

Hi Taylor123 where do you buy it from? What is it called? XBIRA? In australia JJ still own the market and even with the co-payment share this it’s AUD$2500 per month out of pocket, my dad can’t afford that :-( and he’s just starting. Stage 4, Gleason 9, 8 lymph node Mets (5 external to pelvis) and starting FIRMAGON and Docetaxel soon. Studies have shown if he adds Abiraterone right now it will extend his life and quality of life...

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taylor123 in reply to Jama91

It's called Abirapro 250mg from Drugssquare . com.

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dvcarola in reply to taylor123

Thanks Taylor123, i tried convincing my doctor about the lesser dosage of zytiga with high fat bfast but he doesnt recommend it and warns me that the dosage may be lessened which scares me 😢

Do some research, there are manufacturers coupon for Zyitga, that really work! Non Medicare insurance company’s, work best for coupons. My husband can’t take generic😩

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dvcarola in reply to Trinity101

Thank Trinity101, we are based here in the Phils and so no coupons here

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Trinity101 in reply to dvcarola

Try this site: janssenprescriptionassistan...

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Cynthgob in reply to Trinity101

What was the difference on generic than the zytiga???

I had been using Zytiga from Janssen for several months. Then two months ago my specialty pharmacy Briova, automatically switched me to the generic from Apotek. Luckily for me I have no out of pocket cost. Briova's site only shows the "retail" price for each which is $10200 for Janssen and $8300 for Apotek. I expect it costs them less than that.

I asked my MO about the switch to generic. He simply said it should be ok.

Have you considered trying to obtain Yonsa (brand for generic Zytiga) from India? I understand the price is significantly less. The following is a press realease:

"Sun Pharma Announces USFDA Approval of YONSA®

(abiraterone acetate) To Treat Metastatic Castration-

Resistant Prostate Cancer In Combination With


YONSA® was shown in clinical studies to be an effective form of abiraterone acetate, and

can be taken with or without food, in combination with methylprednisolone

Sun Pharma had acquired YONSA® from Churchill Pharmaceuticals and will commercialize

YONSA® in the U.S.

Mumbai India, Princeton NJ, and King of Prussia, May 23, 2018 – Sun Pharmaceutical

Industries Ltd. (Reuters: SUN.BO, Bloomberg: SUNP IN, NSE: SUNPHARMA, BSE: 524715, “Sun

Pharma” and includes its subsidiaries and/or associate companies) and

sChurchill Pharmaceuticals,

LLC. (Churchill) today announced that one of Sun Pharma’s wholly owned subsidiary companies

has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for YONSA® (abiraterone

acetate), a novel formulation in combination with methylprednisolone, for the treatment of

patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).

Churchill is eligible to receive upfront and sales-linked milestone payments, and royalties on sales

from Sun Pharma pursuant to an agreement between the two companies to commercialize

YONSA® in the U.S.

“We are pleased to add YONSA® to our growing oncology portfolio and continue to deliver on Sun

Pharma’s commitment for enhanced patient access to innovative cancer therapies,” said Abhay

Gandhi, CEO - North America, Sun Pharma.

YONSA® in combination with methylprednisolone was filed as a New Drug Application (NDA)

under the 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway and will be promoted as a branded product in the U.S.

About YONSA® (abiraterone acetate) tablets

YONSA® is a CYP17 inhibitor which uses proprietary SoluMatrix Fine Particle Technology™ to

create a micronized (smaller particle size) formulation of abiraterone acetate tablets - for the

treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, in combination with

methylprednisolone. The active ingredient is converted in vivo to abiraterone, an androgen

biosynthesis inhibitor that inhibits 17 α-hydroxylase/C17,20-lyase (CYP17). The CYP17 enzyme is

expressed in testicular, adrenal and prostatic tumor tissues and is required for androgen


Please see Full Prescribing Information for YONSA® at"

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dvcarola in reply to CalBear74

Thank you Calbear74, yes I read Yonsa is good from India... so Im trying to look for people who knows anybody from India but I couldnt find anybody yet. I also dnt know if somebody from there can buy on our behalf or whats the procedure we dont know yet...

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CalBear74 in reply to dvcarola

There are men who use this site that order through online pharmacies connected to the Indian Manufacturers.These pharmacies specialize in distributing low-cost Indian pharmaceuticals.

Try contacting the Patient Access Network to help with Zytiga costs.

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dvcarola in reply to Magnus1964

Thanks Magnus1964, can I call even if we are based from the Phils? Or is this for US based only?

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Magnus1964 in reply to dvcarola

That I don't know. But it's still worth a shot. Maybe you just have to be an American citizen. Contact Janssen Oncology, they may have provisions for the prescription law in each country.

Brand: Zytiga

Generic: Abiraterone Acetate Tablets

You still have to have a script in the U.S., look online.

Good luck

Hi! May i know po kng saan kayo nkakuha ng arbiraterone? Please msg me. Thanks!

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