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App for tracking prostate cancer treatment?

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Diagnosed on 10/24/2018 with stage 4 prostate cancer with metastatic spread to bones. Started on Casodex and Lupron 11/01/2018. Began Taxotere with Prednisone 11/21/2018. Began Docetaxel, Leuprolide, Prednisone on 11/28/2018. I have stacks of paper with results from testing and have only just begun my journey. My question is if there's an app for my Android notebook, or a program for my Windows laptop that I can use to make tracking my course of treatment easier and more convenient. Thanks for any help. Larry

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Seems like a great idea to me.

I had the same problem. I made my own excel.

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Here's a free app that tracks quality of life. You can also input your treatment (s)

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wont download on android

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Yeah, that was my experience also. The link error said the file could not be located on the server.


Whoa.... I bet you can remember your m1/m14/m16 serial number. I do it the easy way I let my wife remember it all. Women have great memories...Just ask her what tie you wore at a wedding you attended 15 years ago (when you can't even remember that there was a wedding). Good Luck, maybe Excel?

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 01/10/2019 6:49 PM EST

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